No…I didn’t forget about the women.  I wanted to post this one separately so you could get some discussion of your own since I know how passionately you feel about the UCI’s pathetic position towards Pro Women’s cycling.

Pro Woman

(Only One Category)

Roster Size: 8 rider minimum, 16 rider maximum.

Minimum Salary: None

Bank Guarantee: Minimum $5,500, or 10% of the team’s rider contracts.

UCI Registration Fee: $3,000

Contribution to Biological Passport Program: None

Example: Columbia Women’s Team, Vision 1 Racing.  Almost all are registered in Europe.

You can see why most professional women cyclists also have extremely accomplished careers and education backing them up. They know that they’re not doing this for the money and there’s not much room to move up in the ranks and  the payscale.

But woman’s cycling isn’t really a sport, is it?   Being a Podium Girl is where it’s at.