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  • jules

    i think he actually tweeted “just layin’ around” but your quote is more apt..

    • Steel

      I wonder what was going through Lance’s head when he posed for that photo:
      – a genuine sense of innocence, combined with a desire to say fark you
      – a signal of resistance for his livestrong supporters
      – complete contempt for anyone else in the world

      • jules

        – all of the above

  • Léon van Leeuwen
  • Anonymous

    So what we’ve learned here is that ‘winning’ the tour 7 times will not give you an appreciation for good lamp design. 

  • Powerthirst user

    I wonder when USADA will ask for the jerseys back…

  • Anonymous

    There’s already so many classic Photoshop butcherings of this!

  • Anonymous

    Incidentally there’s a blog with pics of the rest of his house – outside is a bit too faux-Spanish villa but the kitchen looked amazing. 

  • Warren

    No AMA logo in a frame?

  • “I wonder how much I could get for the frames?”