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  • Beautiful part of the world.¬† Do they bother to build sealed roads up any of those mountains, though?

    • Chris Dunbar

      ¬†Majority of the roads are sealed. The best ones aren’t though. Alberta
      doesn’t really have the high mountain passes like Europe. Most go
      through the valleys. I hope for a summit finish on the Mt Edith Cavell
      access road. 14km up. The best climb in Alberta. Two other climbs are
      Sunwapta Pass and Bow Summit. Both of which are sort of uninspiring for
      cycling. Wide highway climbs. Incredible views however. The rest of
      Alberta is fairly flat. I do hope for a stage through the badlands and
      one in the southern foothills ending in Waterton.

      September can be a strange time of year for weather. Could be snow. Could get sunburns.

      I hope it’s successful. It would be a good excuse to get back to Edmonton

  • Albertan

    There will be at least one mountain stage in the Tour of Alberta, it will be on a paved and marked road if that is what you mean by a “sealed” road.

  • Beau

    Lake Peyto right there folks. What a great place.