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  • Balkou

    Wondering about the temperature there. Shorts in Switzerland in a mountain this time of year, I’m impressed. The same amount as by the scenery.

    • This photo was taken a while ago :-)

  • pb_zweisimmen

    Only pity you have to descent the same street as you climbed… Or take the cable car to Gsteig. :-)
    Anyway don’t miss the Auberge de Sanetsch!

    • Have you done this climb before ? Is it as long and hard as it looks ?

      • pb_zweisimmen

        I know only the Bern side with the cable car till now, but plan to do it this summer.

  • Wedgie

    This picture is from last summer. It’s not a particularly difficult climb except for the length of it. I survived it despite my burning legs from an untrained 1000m descent in crampons the day before. I couldnt stand, therefore I never stopped pedalling up that hill, and this smile was only for the camera as I was pretty miserable. Can’t wait to do it again this summer! We did take the cable car down to the other side in order to climb a few more passes, making near 3000m of climbing for the day!