• AJ

    So this is where all the Bora’s Bracksy owed everyone after Cadel’s victory ended up.

  • david

    what is a Bodywarmer? I see technical vests, long sleeve jerseys,arm and leg warmers. Figure this is a language difference. Thanks

    • Janu

      I guess a cold weather baselayer of some kind.

    • BenW

      Means like a gilet to me. Sleeveless top, but not a vest as they have thinner straps over the shoulder. Also, Bodywarmers can be thinner fleece or thicker puffa-style.

    • ridein

      I’m guessing a cold weather jacket, since they already have undershirts and jerseys.

  • Dave

    That book title would be better used on a volume detailing the downfall of a certain US rider who won a couple of Tour de France stages in the early 1990s.

  • Derek Maher

    Great article Dave.
    Just goes to show what goes into a top team regarding resources.One can see why there is such pressure to get results during the season to keep the sponsers on board.

  • binotto

    Great article Dave! Love these stories about the organisation and logistics supporting the riders.


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