London - England - wielrennen - cycling - radsport - cyclisme - Australie - Annette Edmondson - Melissa Hoskins  - Josephine Tomic  pictured during  teampoursuite women track races elite men Olympic Games 2012 - foto Cor Vos ©2012
  • There are many female cyclists participating this time when comparing to the previous Olympic Games held in Beijing. Thanks for explaining how the cycling event held this time

  • Track Sprint is 750m – three laps, not four.

  • Adrian

    In relation to sprint might be worth knowing too that rider who starts below (closer to pole line) is obligated to lead for one lap. You can do it really slowly, and the other rider can choose to lead, but you can’t force the rider to the front. And in a track stand you can’t go backwards, ie a couple of backwards pedals (being fixed wheel and all) and you’re disqualified. And that as the sprint clip shows, leading out doesn’t equal being bitten. It is an equation of your speed endurance versus your jump versus your opponent’s attention/distance/ and your understanding of their endurance and jump. It’s what makes it great racing, though TV generally doesn’t understand so replays will be a rider crossing the line. (This is a stupid to do for sprint racing as a TV station thinking the last kick or goal of a football match is the important bit to show in the highlights.)

    • Adrian

      beaten. not bitten. Though I guess it doesn’t equal that either.

    • Sean McConeghy

      Was the ban on going backwards a recent development?

  • Kieran Degan

    Nice explanations. Thanks. Pity there’s no Madison.

    • Neil_Robinson

      or kilo, or IP.


  • Andy B

    does being first over the line in a track sprint mean you win?
    or is it purely based on time?

    • Adrian

      in individual sprint time is irrelevant once you’re past qualifying. First across wins, time for last 200 curiosity value only

      • Andy B

        Is there a requirement to do the slow laps together? What’s to stop someone going flat out from the start?

        • Adrian

          Nothing. But they’re sprinters. You jump, I jump. I’ve got a kilometre to catch you, sit on, let you bugger yourself, then sprint round you. Unless you’re confident if you jump early they won’t catch you, you’re serving the race to your opponent on a platter.

  • Neil_Robinson

    The order behind the bike in a Keirin isn’t predetermined, the position on the start line is what they draw numbers for.

    Take the video example for instance. Wai Sze Lee (HKG in red) goes from 4th on the line to behind the bike, where as Vogel (GER in WC stripes) is in 2nd position on the line, goes for 2nd behind the bike, but decides to let Jess Varnish (GBR) in in front (she started at the top in the 6th spot).

  • George Darroch

    The keirin was literally invented to give the Japanese something to gamble on. It’s not a cycle race, it’s a game of chance.


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