Video: Roadtripping Bali

When you think of the Indonesian island of Bali you probably don’t think “perfect road cycling destination”. And that’s not hugely surprising – road cycling hasn’t really taken hold there, and riding in the province’s busiest areas is, for the most part, pretty unappealing. But get beyond the major population centres and Bali has plenty …


Roadtripping Italy

In the latest instalment of our Roadtripping series, the crew from NorthSouth spend 12 days exploring Italy by bike. The Dolomites, the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany – they're all regions perfect for cycling, and more than a little picturesque to boot.


Video: Roadtripping the Mawson Trail

Back in June we shared the most recent instalment in our ongoing Roadtripping series: Roadtripping the Mawson Trail. Over the course of six days, three riders rode 900km north from Adelaide into the red vastness of the Australian outback, battling strong winds, poorly maintained gravel roads and impassably sticky mud. You’ve seen Tim Bardsley-Smith’s amazing …


Roadtripping Wellington: Exploring the Rimutaka Trail

Within just 15 minutes of the Wellington CBD lies a network of trails as good as any you’re likely to find in such proximity to a major city. In the latest addition to our Roadtripping series, Wade Wallace, Dave Everett and Tim Bardsley-Smith visited the New Zealand capital to experience the tremendous riding on offer, …

Video: Roadtripping the Victorian High Country

Last month, in what we naively assumed were the last tendrils of the Melbourne summer, we assembled a small crew to pull together the next instalment in our ongoing Roadtripping series. With the entire state of Victoria in front of us we decided to make the most of our CyclingTips teamcar, and sketch out a …


Roadtripping Byron Bay

In the latest installment in our Roadtripping series, the CyclingTips team heads to the New South Wales coastal town of Byron Bay: a place where cycling and surfing collide. Join us.

Video: Roadtripping Byron Bay

Last month, a CyclingTips contingent headed to the New South Wales coastal town of Byron Bay for the latest installment in our Roadtripping series. We weren’t sure what to expect as Byron isn’t your typical cycling destination. What we ended up discovering were the striking similarities between cycling and surfing, the latter being a sport …


Roadtripping Switzerland

  Few mountain ranges are more synonymous with road cycling than the French Alps – the Col du Galibier, Col d’Izoard, Alpe d’Huez, to name but a few of the Alps’ most famous climbs. But the Alps extend well beyond French borders and into several neighbouring countries, not least Switzerland. In the latest installment in …


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