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How To Sprint

Read more about training your sprint strength, technique, and tactics in these articles: Fine tuning your sprint Common sprinting mistakes The final corner Old Sprinter’s Trick – Drop The Wheel Anatomy of a leadout train

How to set up a breakaway

The early breakaway is often the one that makes it all the way to the finish of the race. Judging the right moment to breakaway takes experience, but once you’re there, being off the front of the race is one of the greatest rushes in road racing.

How To Chase Down A Breakaway

When chasing down a breakaway you need to measure your effort, judge the right point to start chasing and communicate effectively with the other riders. Matt Stephens from GCN shows you how to do it.

The essentials of racing in a bunch

Matt Stephens runs through the essentials for racing in a bunch and some tips on how to do it safely and efficiently.

How To Race In CrossWinds

Strong winds, such as crosswinds define many flat bike races. Daniel Lloyd takes you through the on-the-bike strategies, positioning, effort levels and equipment choices to help you take control in these situations.


How To Move Up In A Bunch

A great race result is usually due to being in the right place at the right time. GCN’s Matt Stephens takes you through the essentials of good, safe, successful bunch positioning.

Brumotti Road Bike Freestyle

Former Bike Trial World Champion and 10-times Guinness World Record holder, Italian Vittorio Brumotti, today releases his brand new video Brumotti Road Bike Freestyle in tribute to Martyn Ashton. The video, produced in association with Skoda, sees Brumotti take a Montante rim-braked road bike on a spectacular journey from a quarry to the sea. Taking […]


Audax Alpine Classic: a tilt-shifted time-lapse video

This is an incredible piece of film, put together by Nathan Kaso, about the Audax Alpine Classic ride in the Victorian Alps, Australia. Here’s how Nathan describes the film: Earlier this year I worked with cycling club Audax Australia to capture a tilt-shift time-lapse of their event the Alpine Classic. Starting in the town of […]


Does having a beard affect your aerodynamics?

When you’ve got your own wind tunnel to play with, like Specialized, you can do cool investigations like this. And we’re glad they did.

Adam Hansen’s custom shoes

Adam Hansen explains how he got the idea of making his own shoes (as light as 76g per shoe!) and how he actually makes them. Check out the rest of Adam Hansen’s stuff at hanseeno.com.