Self Improvement

Six tips for wearing a cycling cap properly

For us cyclists, the humble cycling cap is our crown. It is part of our unique look and it plays a crucial role on those days of low sun in spring and autumn, shielding our eyes from sun and rain, and keeping our head warm. We have fond memories of riders past donning cycling caps […]


How to become a faster sprinter

British track and road cyclists Danielle “Dani” King (Wiggle High5) is showing good form on the road this season. She kicked off her road season early with impressive results in Australia’s Santos Women’s Tour and Cadel Evan’s Great Ocean Road Race. She was always among the top contestants, especially in a sprint finish. King’s got […]


Avoid hitting the wall: ways to improve your pacing

Everyone has done it. You get so excited about the ride that you start out too hard only to pay for it later. It is a bit like the old story of the frog that won’t jump out of a pot if the water temperature is gradually increased to boiling – by the time you realise […]


How to do a track stand (with Andy White of FYXO)

It’s one of those skills that separates newer cyclists from those that have been riding for years: the humble track stand. The ability to maintain your balance while stationary, your feet clipped into the pedals, doesn’t just look impressive, it’s also extremely practical. No more unclipping at traffic lights, only to have to clip back […]


The problem with perfection: How parental pressure can leave children with positive attitudes about doping

Despite the fact most sports-lovers despise doping, many of us still find the psychology of doping intriguing. What is it that makes a person’s will to win so great that they’ll cheat, lie, and potentially harm themselves to stand atop the podium? This is particularly interesting because, aside from the systemic and structural factors that […]


Five ways to look cool on the bike

It’s not easy to define but you know it when you see it. Someone who just looks cool on their bike. They stand out in a bunch of riders as someone who not only looks great, but they seem to be at one with their steed. They are always well dressed, their bike is always […]


10 ways to make sure someone won’t ride with you ever again

For those of us who have fallen in love with cycling, there is nothing better than sharing the joy of riding with your friends and loved ones. However, chances are that not all your friends and loved ones are as avidly into cycling as you are. As such you have to be mindful of your […]


Five ways to ruin (and salvage) your kit

I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of person who ruins my brand new clothing in seconds, usually by dribbling food or smudging something all down the front. The same goes for new kits, somehow I’ll manage to get grease on them when I’ve barely even taken the tags off. So here are my five ways […]


Lisa’s Mum on mechanical doping and a whole new level of committing to the rut

Lisa Jacobs is a three-time Australian cyclocross champion, a lawyer and an all round nice person that helps set the tone for a welcoming women’s scene in the fledgling world of Australian cyclocross. However, sometimes in her blogs on she lets out her alter ego, Lisa’s Mum, who steers clear of conventional wisdom and most […]


Get ready for CX Worlds: Heckling 101 with Georgia Gould

The cyclocross season is wrapping up at the Cyclocross World Championships in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium this weekend. Whether you’re one of the 65,000 anticipated live spectators or among the thousands who will tune in from their TVs and computers, here are some heckling tips to sharpen your sideline jeering skills and get in the ‘cross spirit. […]