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CyclingTips began life in September 2008 as a simple WordPress blog written by Wade Wallace. The aim of the site was to collect and publish all of the cycling tips Wade stumbled across from years of riding and racing around the world. Over the years the site has grown in size and scope and Wade has been joined by several staff members. Here’s the CyclingTips team:

Wade Wallace – Founder & Publisher

headshotAs the GFC hit in 2008 Wade found himself working for a company in bankruptcy protection and was stuck there because of work visa commitments.

He began writing a simple blog about all his observations and “tips” in the sport of cycling. Once per day he’d write on his blog to keep himself busy during those long days without anything to do.

Eventually the blog expanded into other areas of interest and seemed to catch people’s attention from all over the world.

Wade found himself running the blog as a full-time job, and eventually began the transition from “blog” to “website”.

As publisher of the site, Wade is the one with the overall vision behind the site’s editorial direction and its development.

Matt de Neef – Editor

2013 Mount Buffalo BunchMatt joined CyclingTips in February 2013 after spending two years working as an editor in the Science + Technology section of The Conversation.

Prior to that he worked in the media team at La Trobe University where he completed a postgraduate journalism degree.

Matt is the founder and publisher of The Climbing Cyclist, a website about the joy of cycling uphill and a guide to cycling climbs around Victoria.

Matt can contacted via email here.

Andy van Bergen – Business Development Manager

860776_450386128367143_582323645_o-1Andy joined CyclingTips in June 2013 as business development manager after a decade spent working in the tourism industry.

Andy was most recently the Victorian marketing manager for the Accor hotel chain which included properties in Melbourne, the Yarra Valley and the Victorian Alps.

Andy heads up the Hells 500 cycling collaborative, a group of riders dedicated to hill climbing.

Andy can be contacted via email here.

Matt Wikstrom – CTech Editor

_MG_2066Matt grew up on the south coast of NSW and was given his first bike, a forest green dragster, at age 7.

He quickly mastered the basics and turned to learning stunts, and later, BMX. He discovered road cycling ten years later and moved to Sydney to pursue an education.

By the end of the ’90s Matt had a PhD and he was also a qualified bicycle mechanic. He now lives in Perth WA and has a career in medical research, a small service-only business as a bike mechanic, along with a family, a road bike, and a few BMX bikes in the shed.

Matt joined CyclingTips as Tech Editor in September 2011.

Want to contribute?

Here at CyclingTips we’re always looking for new contributors. If you’ve got a story idea or something else that you think would make a good article, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email.