Exploring Cuba by bike

To outsiders, Cuba represents something of an enigma; a country seemingly frozen in time, despite recent advances, and one that promises much to the intrepid traveller. Armed with a single-speed bike, minimal gear, a healthy curiosity and several weeks of freedom, Wade Trevean ventured to Cuba to learn more about the island nation and what […]


Horace and the rough stuff fellowship

The stuff you’ll find here on CyclingTips is typically about road cycling, however anything on two wheels that captures the imagination is what we’re about. Horace and the Rough Stuff Fellowship is one of those stories that will certainly inspire you. 1933 | Horace Dall The engineer and astronomer from England loved solitude. When Europe […]


The road less ridden

Over the weekend I was asked to join Soigneur on one of their weekend getaways. I’ve barely had a chance to ride my bike in the last few months so I jumped at the opportunity to do nothing except hang out with the boys and ride my bike for two solid days.


Pondering Pokhara

While it’s tempting to travel to Europe to ride the legendary roads and cols there are a lot of other spectacular places in the world to cycle that you won’t see on Eurosport. Sometimes I get caught up in talking about professional cycling, but I think it’s important to remind ourselves that there’s a lot […]