Riding faux pas: you’ve been warned

Your development as a rider isn’t limited to fitness and bike handling skills. A lot has to do with cycling etiquette as well.  No one wants to be that person that people are looking at and judging at the cafe, in the bunch or on the side of the road as they’re fixing a flat tyre. In the […]


The dos and don’ts of helping a struggling rider

I don’t know about you, but there have been many times when I’ve been struggling on the bike. This has happened during racing as well as training. It may be that you are fatigued, it’s hot or cold, you’re bonking, a little unfit, not prepared for the ride, not used to the gradient or just having […]


Keeping on track during the festive season

The festive time of year can be challenging when you still have training and racing goals to meet. As everyone around you is winding down and enjoying year-end celebrations, staying on track with your fitness and training can be a challenge. Christmas parties, late nights and indulging food and alcohol can quickly impact the time and energy […]


Competition Is Bad For Motivation

What You Missed:: I wanted to share this photo of me riding up Mnt Harrison, Idaho. Ride starts at 3,500′ and ends up at 9,500, in just a few short miles.  Amazing!  -Casey Tucker Competition Is Bad For Motivation:: By Justin Coulson School of Psychology, University of Wollongong If you’re a competitive cyclist then one […]


Is Mountain Biking Good For Road Riding?

Photo by TommyP – Mountain biking extraordinaire and Polish hardman. I can hardly hold his wheel! I’ve been going absolutely nuts on the singletrack lately and am loving every minute of it. Mountain biking was the original genre of cycling I seriously got into.  When I moved to Australia I sadly left it for a […]


Work Life – Cycling Balance

I had a very refreshing conversation with a potential employer a short while ago.  Not long into the interview it was reveled that he’s a gung-ho triathlete.  We spent the next hour yammering on excitedly about out sporting passions and not a breath about work itself. This was something that was completely foreign to me […]


You Can Tell It’s Spring When…

Have you seen this little bugger?  He got me in right in the ear, neck and pecked at the eyes the other day.  Nearly drew blood!  At first I thought I got hit by a cricket bat or a bogan in a ute.  Magpie nesting season is now officially underway and the carnage has begun. […]


Signs You’ve Married A Cyclist

Seeing as Wade is away for a few days at one of his many races, I thought I would take this opportunity to provide some insight from the “other half”.  Coincidentally, I received the following text just as I sat down to write this post… “Hey there.  We’re still out for dinner so I’ll call […]


How Much Of Your Work Time Is Taken Up With Cycling?

How much of your time is spent at work doing cycling related activities?  Organizing your weekend ride, checking out CyclingTips and CyclingNews , running around to bike shops, etc.  If you’re like me and are chained to a cubical and computer all day long, you may partake in the odd cycling related email or phone […]