The Best of Eurobike: Show-stoppers

There’s an unfathomable amount of cycling-related gear and equipment on show at Eurobike, the world’s largest bike expo. With this year’s event now over, here are some of the bikes and other gear that really caught our eye.


Bikes of the Bunch: Cipollini Bond

Since 2010 Mario Cipollini has been working to develop a range of high performance road bikes under his name. The bikes are loud and audacious, a lot like Cipo, and this was no more apparent than in last year’s launch of the Cipollini Bond.


Bikes Of The Bunch – Jeffsy’s Cipollini RB1000

In this edition of Bikes of the Bunch we get to check out my mate’s Cipollini RB1000 which just arrived straight from Italy. It isn’t just any bike though. This bike and wheels have a little backstory to it that you might find interesting.


Farnese-Vini Stolen Bike! Or Forgotten?

Matteo Rabottini (Farnese-Vini) broke away from the start of stage 15 and held the peloton off to take the biggest win of his career. With 50 kilometers remaining he needed a bike change and did so swiftly and calmly a seasoned professional. Except they forgot one thing. “Underpants Man” wins a new Cipollini…