Coffee Outside: an outdoorsy twist to the coffee shop ride

Coffee and cycling, cycling and coffee. It’s a beautiful, long-standing pairing and the coffee culture among cyclists is bigger than ever before. The coffee shop ride is an integral part of a cyclist’s routine, and cyclists who travel are rarely seen without carrying an aeropress and their own favourite local coffee beans. Meanwhile there is […]


Commuter jeans reviewed: Levi’s vs. Osloh

When I look out the window I find another grey and wet winter morning. Temperatures are mild but the rain clouds are ever-present. I need to go downtown. There is no question as to how I’ll get there. They question is what I’ll be wearing. I have an appointment and errands to run. Lycra isn’t […]


Dollar bills, wine corks and other everyday items that can fix common cycling nuisances

Got a flat? Soggy shoes? Missing bar ends? Easily fixed with everyday household items. Duct tape Really, what isn’t duct tape good for? There are thousands of uses for this wonder tape. Mudflap Mudflaps or buddy flaps are the little fender extenders that keep your feet and your buddy’s face from getting sprayed with water […]


How to navigate insurance, police and legal aspects after a collision

As much as we all love riding on empty country roads on blue sky days, most of the riding we do involves some interaction with other road users in varying weather conditions. We don’t like to think about it, but cycling can be hazardous.  In my last column, I covered how accidents can be avoided, […]


How to make money riding a bike

How can you make money with a bike? Certainly not by racing one. I have a different plot in mind today. Let’s talk about bike commuting. How often, when you are filling up your tank with gas, paying insurance bills or changing your oil, do you consider that the money exiting your bank account is […]


How to avoid accidents and collisions on the road

Please give a warm Ella welcome to our new contributor Rae-Anne Hardie. Rae-Anne is a cancer researcher and longtime cyclist. Growing up in Canada, Rae-Ane began mountain biking in high school. She relocated to Australia for her PhD in medicine and raced with Sydney Uni Velo and Western Sydney Mountain Bike clubs while pursuing her degree. […]


Must-carry items for the daily bike commuter

It’s early on a weekday morning and I’m looking out the window gauging the weather. I zip up my jacket, roll up my pant legs, slip on some gloves and close my helmet strap — the routine of bicycle commuter. I have been bike commuting for most of my life, ever since I was six […]


Commuting essentials: the cute, the quirky and the functional

When Verita Stewart signed onto Ella, she probably didn’t know she was would become our in-house fashion and accessory expert. Her first piece on her favourite women’s cycling kit generated lots of chatter, so she followed up with a piece on socks. Everyone has an opinion on socks, and we loved that so many of […]


How To: Commute like a champ

Ella columnist Verita Stewart fell in love with cycling when she started to commute to work three years ago. And like many before her, Verita’s love for cycling quickly took on a life as its own. Although Verita now races at the top level of the sport in Australia, she continues the daily commute that […]


Salary Package Your Bike?

The whole concept of Salary Packaging your vehicle was new to me when I moved to Australia.  It seemed too good to be true.  Once digging into the details however there was one thing that struck me as being strange: the more you drove your car, the greater the tax incentive. Wouldn’t it be fantastic […]