Confusion over status of Tramadol in 2016; WADA contradicts MPCC and says it isn’t banned

A statement released by the MPCC anti-doping movement on Wednesday has led to some confusion, with that release appearing to say that the painkiller tramadol would be banned next season. MPCC member teams voluntarily accept regulations that are tougher than WADA’s own rules. In November 2013 it said that its members had undertook not to […]


MPCC on LottoNL-Jumbo’s decision to quit: Only seven samples ever deemed too low, Dutch team had two of these

Responding to the LottoNL-Jumbo team’s criticism of it over its regulation relating to an enforced rest for riders with low cortisol levels, as well as the squad’s decision to resign, the MPCC anti-doping body has defended its position and asked why the team didn’t keep closer tabs on its riders. “More than 1,300 cortisol level […]


LottoNL-Jumbo becomes third team to quit MPCC over disagreement with regulations

Emphasising that it supports the philosophy of the MPCC anti-doping movement, the LottoNL-Jumbo team has nevertheless said that it is withdrawing from that group due to a disagreement over the rule requiring riders with low cortisol levels to take a break from competition. The squad had first-hand experience of this situation prior to the Giro […]


Bardiani-CSF quits MPCC over Giro d’Italia cortisol case

Responding two weeks after the MPCC anti doping movement summoned the team manager to a meeting of the board of directors scheduled for June 8th, the Bardiani-CSF team has refused to attend and has said that it plans to leave the group. On May 20 the MPCC made a public declaration about the team, saying […]


George Bennett: ‘How do we stop cortisone in the sport? A few guys like me taking the fall is not the answer.’

Commenting almost three weeks after he was blocked from starting the Giro d’Italia due to low cortisol levels, the New Zealand rider George Bennett has issued a long statement about the situation, maintaining his innocence and faulting the current MPCC ruling in relation to the test. The MPCC is an anti-doping organisation that the majority […]


MPCC says that Bardiani CSF team is under scrutiny after squad breaks its regulations

One day after the Bardiani-CSF team won stage 10 of the Giro d’Italia via Nicola Boem, the anti-doping MPCC group has indicated that the squad broke its rules in the run up to the race. The voluntary anti-doping movement comprises most of the WorldTour and Pro Continental teams in the sport. By joining they achieve […]


IAM’s Beucherie: “A rider who takes cortisone is a sick rider, so he must stop racing”

IAM Cycling sporting manager Serge Beucherie has spoken about the importance of riders remaining clean, saying that not giving in to temptation to cut corners is crucial on both a personal and professional level. Beucherie’s team is a member of the MPCC anti-doping movement and he gave his thoughts in a video released by it […]


Vuelta without defending champion as Horner blocked from starting by MPCC rules

Chris Horner’s aim of defending his Vuelta a España title has derailed even before the race has started, with the American rider blocked from taking part due to a drop in his cortisol levels. Horner’s Lampre Merida team is a member of the Mouvement Pour Un Cyclisme Crédible (MPCC) anti-doping organisation. It includes a requirement […]