Why you shouldn’t overlap wheels

Riding in a bunch safely requires a sixth sense that only countless hours of practise will teach you. Racing will accelerate this learning curve, but not everyone has the luxury or desire to compete. Either way, one day or another you’ll probably find yourself riding in a bunch where you’ll need to know the unwritten […]


The Dominant Left

I’m sure that I’m not the only one that’s noticed that cyclists almost always seem crash on their left-hand side. In fact 92% of bike crashes end up on the left-hand side (keeping in mind that 87% of statistics are made up on the spot). If I count the scars on my elbows, hips, and […]


Crash Prevention

Crashing on a road bike sucks. There’s no two ways about it. Whenever I’m out mountain biking there’s always someone who has a stack, but usually it’s laughed off and no one gets seriously hurt. Crashing on a road bike is different. It’s always a drama and there’s often a visit to the hospital to […]


Trust Your Gut

What a weekend it was. On Friday evening, parts of Melbourne got a very small taste of what Queensland and other areas of Australia experienced through the massive flooding and cyclone Yasi. I don’t mean to make light of the destruction that other Australians have endured as we only saw of the tail end of […]


What To Do If Involved In A Cycling Accident

Fortunately I’ve only been hit by a car once and miraculously came out with minor injuries.  I’m sure many of you have experienced the same and I know a few of you haven’t come away so lucky.  It’s the most frightening thing a cyclists can experience  (a magpie strike is a close second). The other […]


Slippery When Wet

The only thing more painful that getting back into race form is constantly wiping out while trying to get back into race form.  In these past 7 wet days in Melbourne I’ve hit the ground 3 times on a variety of different terrains, and have almost gone down on the other 3.   In 4 years […]


Keenan Back In Action!

The voice of Australian cycling is back!  For those of you who don’t know, Matt Keenan was seriously injured in a freak accident while out riding a few weeks ago.  Thankfully Matt is doing well and he’s back at work already.  A broken neck isn’t gonna stop this champion.  Watch this clip for his account […]


Dealing with Cycling Road Rash

Stinging showers and wounds sticking to the sheets waking you up in agony. Sound familiar? Fortunately I haven’t had to deal with too many crashes throughout my cycling career. Therefore I’m happy to say that I’m no expert on dealing with road rash. I am, however, familiar with the pain of crashes and have developed […]