5 Reasons I Do Not Race

Sarah Hammond is a fixture in the Melbourne cycling scene. An endurance rider, Hammond is a serial everester (someone who has completed multiple Everestings, which are rides with a minimum ascent of 8,848 vertical metres in one continuous cycling effort) and is planning to tackle the epic 6,800km Trans Am event in 2016. The racing […]


Getting The Most Out Of Your Speedometer

A reader sent me a very good question a few weeks back that I’ve been looking forward to posting.  Luckily I tracked down an old pro very knowledgeable and experienced in this area to answer this question. I’ve spoken about Rob Crowe in many previous posts and I don’t think he needs any further introduction. […]


Speed, Strength and Endurance

Have you ever gone for a ride with a pure track rider and noticed how much he suffers in the hills or in the wind?  Have you ever noticed how a guy who is generally considered very “strong” can stink up the velodrome?  Obviously both riders possess very different abilities that have been specifically trained. […]


Long Distance Rides

Photography by Ben Ingham for Rapha A question that everyone seems to have a different opinion on is “how long should my longest rides be?” Endurance is the most difficult component of your training to develop because of the long hours it requires to be on the bike.  However, once you build your endurance it’s […]

The Long Ride

Yesterday was Crowie’s annual Inverloch 280 ride. It went from Melbourne to Inverloch and back on some of the most sensational roads I’ve ever seen. Just when you think you’ve seen all the good rides in the area it pays to go out with an old pro like Crowie to show you a thing or […]