Celebrating International Women’s Day with women’s voices and women’s stories

We are honoured to be part of a wonderful community that celebrates women on bikes, and we love sharing the incredible stories and inspiring voices behind the sport, lifestyle and industry of cycling. In celebration of International Women’s Day, I wanted to share with you some of our favourite and best read Ella interviews and […]


5 Reasons I Do Not Race

Sarah Hammond is a fixture in the Melbourne cycling scene. An endurance rider, Hammond is a serial everester (someone who has completed multiple Everestings, which are rides with a minimum ascent of 8,848 vertical metres in one continuous cycling effort) and is planning to tackle the epic 6,800km Trans Am event in 2016. The racing […]


Climb for Nepal wrap-up: tired legs turn into helping hands

The Climb for Nepal, where riders were asked to raise money while ascending the height of Mt Everest in June, has finished but the task is far from over. It was a great Strava challenge to spur on those climbing metres and take your riding to a higher level but it was so much bigger […]


The camaraderie of climbing 8,848 metres together

When I first heard about the extreme vertical challenge of climbing the height of Everest by picking a hill and riding up it over and again until you hit 8,848 metres of ascent I was filled with awe. There was something so clever about bringing that sense of adventure, which often comes with a mammoth […]


 “I think my mental toughness will hide what my legs don’t have”: Three women reach new heights in the Climb for Nepal challenge

Finding a way to ascend 8,848 metres in a month is no easy feat for most, but thousands of women around the globe are taking on the Strava Climb for Nepal challenge. A collaboration between Everesting.cc, Strava and More Than Sport the challenge motivates people to head for the hills while raising funds for the […]


Crossing continents to concentrated climbs: Tips and tales from top female Everester Gaye Bourke

Gaye Bourke is no stranger to challenging herself on the bike. Her growing list of riding adventures include a 23,000 kilometre trip around Australia and a journey from London to Melbourne which spanned 19 countries. Even when at home, she still finds ways of pushing her cycling boundaries. The 49-year-old is the top female Everester, […]


Climb for Nepal: ride to help earthquake survivors

The act of riding a bike can be a powerful thing. The fact that it can be more than recreation or sport and can actually be used to raise money for worthwhile causes is incredible. There’s no sport like it on Earth. One of our employees here at CyclingTips, Andy van Bergen, is the brains […]


Climbing for Nepal: Everesting cyclists on a mission to raise US$1 million for earthquake recovery

The mystique and sense of adventure surrounding the world’s highest peak has inspired hundreds to push themselves to new limits on the bike since Melbourne’s Hells 500 launched a climbing challenge called Everesting more than a year ago. Among them are the 20 women we followed on Ella who completed the largest mass Everesting ever […]

In search of up: Reaching for Everest together

Several weeks ago, Simone Giuliani shared with you the story of the mass everesting event organised by Hells500. Twenty two women spent 20 hours doing repeated climbs and descents of Mt Donna Buang near Melbourne in attempt to complete an Everesting – cycling multiple laps of one climb to achieve a vertical ascent equal to […]

Women’s Cycling Round-Up

Like the Daily News Digest hosted over on our brother site CyclingTips, the Women’s Cycling Round-Up will be a collection of content we curate twice weekly to share with our readers. The pieces we select will occasionally include articles we’ve produced and want to highlight but more often than not will be women’s cycling content […]