The Week in Bike #51 – The Short Week

Granted, it hasn’t been a full week since the last episode, but there’s still plenty of news. Championships, non-championships, CAPS LOCK, a team launch…though I suppose another black kit doesn’t exactly justify stopping the presses. We hope you enjoy Cosmo Catalano’s latest episode of The Week in Bike.


What’s cool in cycling kit this season

According to unwritten rules, there are small things with kit that can be tinkered with (like socks), but most everything else needs to conform to tradition. “Classic” styling which play on patterns from yesteryear has been done to death, and we’re now seeing some unique (some say gaudy) designs popping up which are eye-catching. If […]


How To Dress PRO

I had a great question from a reader last week on how to look PRO. Q. Having formally been a fairly keen golfer who started as a hacker and progressed to being a fairly decent low marker I know the transition from buying the wrong gear and wearing the wrong clothes. Being pretty new to […]


Classic Obsessions

I’m not an old man yet nor am I ready to concede to Masters racing, however thoughts are beginning to enter my head that are consistent with the older generation.  I’m starting to acquire a taste for very expensive cycling products that have that “classic” touch to them.  I have Velodramatic to thank for this.  […]


All I Want For Christmas…

Well it’s December 1st now and ’tis the season.  Cyclists are often accused of being a picky and a breed that’s difficult to shop for.  So true.  Here are the top 10 gift ideas under a couple hundred $$$ that you can be asking your partner for Christmas. 1. Bike Box/Bag. You’ve always wanted one […]


How To Look PRO

For a while now I thought it would be fitting and humorous to write a column on all the intricate details that need to be taken care of in order to look "PRO".   Let me warn you, this isn’t a pick or choose kind of thing. It’s all or nothing. You either live by these […]