Bike highlights from the 2016 Sea Otter Classic

CyclingTips is back from three days of roaming the expo at the annual Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California, and there was no shortage of new gear on tap. Here are some of the complete bikes that caught our attention, with components and accessories in a separate post, here. Masi Bicycles releases updated 2017 road and ‘cross […]


Keeping on track during the festive season

The festive time of year can be challenging when you still have training and racing goals to meet. As everyone around you is winding down and enjoying year-end celebrations, staying on track with your fitness and training can be a challenge. Christmas parties, late nights and indulging food and alcohol can quickly impact the time and energy […]


Focus Cayo Evo LTD Review

I’ve had extensive experience with various Focus bikes and I’m a big fan. They’ve managed to hold on to their higly regarded brand perception while keeping their prices extremely competitive in a crowded market. In this bike review I look closely at the super lightweight Focus Cayo Evo Limited edition that tips the scales at […]


Focus Izalco Review

One of the first questions I almost always get from people while out on the road is “how’s the Focus?”. Our O2 Racing team has ridden the Focus Izalco for the past two seasons and it’s about time I answer this question properly.


Building A Training Plan

You can train haphazardly and hope to have top form on race day or you can follow an organized training plan building up to your peak event. With a proper training plan your probability of success is far greater. The difference between these two training methods is not motivation or amount of work.  It’s all […]


Damage Control

This past weekend proved to be a goldmine for cycling tips. Both introspectively and by observing others. We can all ride like a pro with our friends on good days but it’s how you handle those inevitable bad days that shows your true character. Haven’t had any bad days? Well either you aren’t human or […]



Crowie is the King. He could write this entire blog with both hands and legs tied behind his back. He’s competed and won races that we only read about in cyclingnews. Here’s a glimpse of his very own training strategy that’s worked for him and other elite athletes over the years. The thing that I […]


Pick A Goal

Most of us put a lot of effort into this sport. It’s just the nature of it. Unfortunately natural talent in cycling doesn’t tend to shine until you have your bases covered on fitness. If you’re going to put this much time into being out on the road, you may as well try to do […]