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Random Thursday Ramblings

photo by fyxomatosis Sometime it’s healthy to get out for a ride with a group of guys outside of your inner-circle.  It’s a refreshing change that’ll show you new roads and potentially new friends.  That’s just what I did last Monday.   TC, Matt and Andy took me out for an EPIC loop I’ve never even […]


What You Missed This Weekend In Sorrento

This site isn’t about my personal escapades but once in a while it’s fun to show you what I’ve been up to.  You may not know the names and faces in this video but I’m sure you can relate and hopefully it inspires you to get out there with your mates and enjoy the upcoming […]


What You Missed This Morning – North Road Ride

Crit season starts this weekend and all “specialists” are coming out in droves. There must have been 100 riders out this morning on the famous “North Road Ride” here in Melbourne.  For the uninitiated, the North Road Ride (or “Hour of Power”) is a 40km bunch ride on Melbourne’s Beach Road that averages speeds of […]


Helmet Cams in Road Races

I’m glad to see this statement made on the CycleSport Victoria website that a reader pointed out today.  I have many different ways to mount my GoPro camera that will now be taken into consideration.  Chest, frame, seatpost, etc. The CycleSport Victoria Board wishes to advise all riders that the use of a mounted helmet […]


Philip Island Grand Prix Helmet Cam

This past weekend Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club (CCCC) hosted the Philip Island Grand Prix road race. As usual they did an outstanding job and I thank each and every one of their volunteers as well as CycleSport Victoria (CSV) for putting on this great event. Nearly 200 riders took part in the Open Category and […]


Theo Boss Incident Debunked

With so many points of view on the Theo Bos vs Daryl Impey incident I figured that someone had to settle it once and for all.  It certainly looked intentional, but too many things didn’t add up.  Why would Theo throw Impey right in front of himself?  Is Theo that much of a nutbar to […]


Fyxomatosis Melburn-Roobaix

I’m more of a GC rider but I thought I’d try my hand at one of the legendary Spring Classics this autumn -The Melburn-Roobaix, Hell of the Northcote.  As usual these days, I lugged around my 30kg helmet cam clearly endangering everyone around me looking like a complete idiot.   However, it’s all in the name […]


Maximum Aerobic Power In Cycling

If you’ve never tested aerobic power before you should really try it out – it’s a hoot….if you’re not the one doing the testing that is. Typically in lab conditions a MAP test (maximum aerobic power) is performed by riding at increasingly harder efforts to exhaustion.  There’s a few different protocols, but it would typically […]


SKCC Club Champs

St Kilda Cycling Club put on their yearly criterium club championship today.  As always it was a great event. A big thank you goes out to all the volunteers and SKCC committee for a great season of racing and fun. Here in Australia it’s now the end of crit season and the start of road […]


In The Thick Of Things

I thought it would be cool to wear a helmet cam to record one of the fastest and most aggressive criteriums in the world.   Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club (CCCC) hosts this crit on Sunday mornings and easily gets up to 80 riders per grade. Unfortunately the threat of rain left most of the softies in […]