Ilya Davidenok

UCI Licence Commission states withdrawal of Astana licence would not have been proportionate

Almost two weeks after the UCI stated that its Licence Commission had turned down an earlier request to withdraw the Astana team’s WorldTour licence, the governing body has issued the partial reasoning behind the decision. While the full reasoned decision is yet to be released in English, being only available in French at this point […]


Astana expresses gratitude to Licence Commission: ‘Our focus now returns to racing’

Having either deservedly kept its licence or dodged a bullet, depending on your viewpoint, the Astana team has said that it will abide by the conditions set by the UCI’s Licence Commission in return for the squad being able to keep its WorldTour licence. “Astana Pro Team is grateful to the License Commission for the […]


Astana under ‘strict monitoring’ but will keep WorldTour licence

Although the UCI stated on February 26 that it was requesting its Licence Commission to formally withdraw the Astana team’s WorldTour licence, that commission has now decided that the team should be able to retain its slot in the top rung of cycling, albeit with conditions. That commission today held a hearing with representatives from […]


Report: further delays likely in Astana case

Although the season is already in its fourth month and the Giro d’Italia is drawing ever-closer, there are suggestions that a final resolution in the Astana case may still be some time away. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the expected hearing scheduled for Friday has been moved to Thursday and will take place in […]


Fuglsang may sue UCI if Astana licence is blocked, but believes disruption to 2015 races unlikely

Commenting as the ongoing Astana scenario rumbles on, one of the team’s top riders Jakob Fuglsang has said that he and other riders on the team are prepared to go to the courts if the UCI strips the team of its licence and the team ultimately stops. “I have not done anything wrong, so if […]


Astana team insists it is in “full compliance with the UCI’s ethical criteria”

Responding to a statement issued Monday which deemed inaccurate a media claim that the UCI’s Licence Commission had already decided to revoke the Astana team’s WorldTour licence, the squad has indicated it is fully committed to holding onto its slot. While the UCI said at the end of February that it wanted the Licence Commission […]


UCI: No decision has been made yet about Astana’s WorldTour licence

Responding to claims made earlier on Monday by De Telegraaf, the UCI has denied suggestions that an outcome has already been reached in relation to the Astana team’s WorldTour licence. The Dutch newspaper reported that the UCI’s Licence Commission decided on March 20 that the team would be denied a WorldTour licence and also the […]


Report claims that Astana will lose its WorldTour licence, must race as Continental level squad

Although the UCI Licence Commission is scheduled to meet on April 2 to determine the fate of the Astana team, De Telegraaf has claimed that the decision has already been finalised and that the squad will lose its WorldTour licence. The Dutch publication credits what it termed a senior person within the UCI as revealing […]


What’s next for Astana? Team indicates it will fight UCI request to withdraw licence

Responding to the UCI’s stated request to its Licence Commission to withdraw Astana’s WorldTour licence, the team has indicated that it will fight the decision before that commission and may also take the matter to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). The statement raises the prospect of a battle between the team of Tour […]


Tour champion Nibali may require wildcard invite as Astana faces withdrawal of licence

Despite having Tour de France champion Vincenzo Nibali on its roster, the Astana squad has realised that the UCI’s previous promise to keep it under close scrutiny was far from an empty one. Following a thorough investigation of the team by the Institute of Sport Sciences of the University of Lausanne (ISSUL), the governing body […]