Assos: “We are now going to portray women the same way we portray men – as athletes”

When USA Cycling announced that Assos had been named the official cycling apparel partner for the USA Cycling Team up to and including the 2020 Olympic Games, there were more than a few disgruntled fans (and racers!) Not everyone was a fan of the retro design, but more importantly, it’s the company’s notoriously sexist advertising that […]


Certified women-friendly: Strongher launches new program to promote women-friendly bike shops

Strongher, an initiative led but some of the biggest names in the pro women’s peloton, today announced a new program to inspect and certify bike shop based on their women-friendliness. Shops that meet the set women-friendly guidelines will be awarded the “Strongher Stamp” and be promoted through the Strongher website and by its ambassadors. “Bike shops […]


Nine things I learned after launching a women’s cycling website

Over the weekend the talented women behind Ella won the Iris Dixon Women’s Cycling Champion of the Year award from Cycling Victoria. I couldn’t be more proud of the job Anne-Marije, Simone Giuliani, and Jeanine Laudy and all our awesome contributors are doing for women’s cycling. But it’s been anything but easy – for all […]


Bike shop etiquette part 2: what not to do

Last week, we asked a bike shop manager for some tips on what you, as a customer, can do to get the best possible bike shop experience. Today, she’s following up with what not to do when visiting a bike shop.  | Related: Bike shop etiquette – part 1 On the whole, bike shops are owned […]


Bike shop etiquette

We have written about how some bike shops just can’t get the hang of how to deal with female customers. We have also asked our readers to share their favourite bike shops around the globe. Now, we’ve asked a bike shop manager what you, as a customer, can do to get the best possible bike shop experience. Here […]


‘The bike is a simple thing to enjoy’ – a chat with framebuilding pioneer Tom Ritchey

Cycling is full of iconic brands and iconic figures — people and companies that have helped shape, mould and physically weld the industry into what it is today. Some have morphed into huge goliaths with their original founders selling up and moving on. Others have stuck to their guns, often staying small, producing products that […]


Ella Picks: Women’s cycling content we loved this week

In this week’s internet roundup we have some heavily discussed topics like race radios, car-bike collisions and whether or not there should be gendered products. Meanwhile we’re applauding Rwanda’s Jeanne D’Arc Girubuntu appearance (and consequent media attention) as well as Kris Auer’s push for equal prize money in cyclocross. And of course, we’ve got plenty of videos, […]


Lowering the GST threshold – what 10% means to the Australian bicycle industry

As things stand in Australia, imports valued at less than $1,000 are currently exempt from the country’s 10% goods and services tax (GST). But late last month, federal treasurer Joe Hockey announced a plan to remove that exemption by July 1, 2017. Consumers and retailers around the country will be affected by this change, including […]


Building better bike shops to grow women’s cycling

I love some of my local bike shops, from the slick neatly arranged ones with coffee bars and regular women’s rides to the one where you have to weave through chaotically arranged bikes to get in but are greeted with some interesting new tale every time. They are friendly and feel welcoming and I love […]


Pedla – more than another hipster brand

Unlike 10 years ago when the only cycling apparel you could find at bike shops was shop kit or replica team kit, there are now a plethora of start-ups who see the potential in launching a brand. With the ease of creating custom kit these days, almost anyone can delve into making their own kit […]