Black Saturday – One Year Later

Everyone in Australia will know of the Black Saturday bushfires that killed 173 people and destroyed over 2000 homes one year ago.  Unfortunately the people who didn’t lose their homes weren’t much better off.   Whole towns were completely erased.  Only when you go into the areas you’ll gain an appreciation for the magnitude of this […]


What You Missed This Morning – In Kinglake

Kinglake at the crack of a sparrows ass to beat the heat.  It looks spectacular this time of the morning.  – Graeme Pereira This weekend will mark the first anniversary of the Black Saturday bushfires.  The roads that go straight through the devastated area are some of Melbourne’s best riding areas and my favorite training […]


What You Missed This Morning…

A brisk but sunny morning out in Kinglake with 20 of my best riding mates  (a short ride north of Melbourne).  This is where the forest fire devastation took place last February.  The vegetation is slowly regenerating but the communities are still trying to get back on their feet.  Almost just as devastating was the […]