Loren Rowney

The off season is calling but first we gotta “work work work work” for those stripes

As the season begins to draw to a close, I find that I’m reaching some of the hardest weeks of the year. I can almost smell the hamburger & bravas, and taste the cider on my lips. The off season is calling, a mere few weeks away, but I need to stay focused and motivated …


Roommate Rules 2.0

Last year’s “roommate rules” blog struck a chord with pro athletes, uni students, apartment dwellers, travellers and people living in close proximity all around the globe so I thought I would re-visit this topic and add a few more “tips/insights” into ways we can all get along a bit better when living in close quarters. …


Endless baguettes, blanketless beds and bedbugs: Tips on surviving the French tours

That part of the season is upon us…the beginning of the French tours. Yep, the Tour de France isn’t the only tour happening in France! There’s La route de France, Trophee d’Or and the infamous Tour of Ardeche which will include Mont Ventoux. And so whilst the Olympians are off frolicking in Rio, the racing …


‘Time to suck it up, Princess’: Loren Rowney on dealing with post-tour depression and disappointment

Post Tour Depression. It’s a thing, at least for me. When you’ve been on the road for a while, you become this walking, talking robot, reliant on being told where to be and what to do. A typical tour day goes a little something like this: – Wake up Wake up around one hour before …


A day in the life of pro cyclist Loren Rowney: Moto pacing, studying and Ronda Rousey

Last week, Aussie pro cyclist Carlee Taylor (Liv-Plantur) agreed to be the first in our “Day in the Life of…” Twitter takeover series, and entertained us for a good 15 hours by live tweeting her entire day. This week, Carlee’s BFF and Ella contributor Loren Rowney (Orica-AIS) was up for the task and live-tweeted her “average day” …


The Olympic Dream that may never come true

I had a sobering moment yesterday that I may never realise my Olympic Dream. I know I’m not alone on this one. The Olympic buzz is everywhere around me. Living at the AIS base in Italy I’m surrounded by the heavy hitters not only from Australia but other countries as well, all chasing that dream. …


Emotion into execution: my path to resilience

I’m sitting here trying to study for Uni, not getting far, because all I can think about right now is how much I want to be racing instead of sitting here on my balcony staring into space (more about that later). My teammate advised me to use this time to be productive in other areas…so …


Life inside Wanda, the Orica-AIS camper

I always used to wonder what went on inside those big, shiny, team buses with the blackened out windows. Where the riders are tucked away from excited fans and the frosty bite of the spring wind or the scorching heat of the summer. My first experience in a pro men’s team bus was at my first …


Loren Rowney and Gracie Elvin’s #CrepeMonday inauguration

Since about 2012, I have had an ongoing battle with my friend and fellow “Dutchie” (Yes, I hold a Dutch passport), Lauren Kitchen, about the definition of a pancake. It’s basically become a crepe vs. pancake debate.  Lauren has a pancake Sunday tradition with the Dutch relatives she lives with in Holland. Me being a massive …


Ella Picks: How to win the Spring Classics; a bike justice vigilante; Women’s WorldTour and more

Every week we scan the internet for the interesting stories of women’s cycling that deliver unique insight, inspire or simply make us laugh and round them all up in a weekly news digest.


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