5 Reasons why I want my wife to try cycling

Once you fall in love with cycling it can very quickly become all consuming. Your money disappears into gear and apparel, your mornings and weekends revolve around riding, you lose touch with those friends who don’t ride and make heeps of new ones who do,  and you just want everyone else to experience that joy […]


Nine things I learned after launching a women’s cycling website

Over the weekend the talented women behind Ella won the Iris Dixon Women’s Cycling Champion of the Year award from Cycling Victoria. I couldn’t be more proud of the job Anne-Marije, Simone Giuliani, and Jeanine Laudy and all our awesome contributors are doing for women’s cycling. But it’s been anything but easy – for all […]


Is the Aviva Women’s Tour too easy?

Emma Johansson (Orica-AIS) is preparing to head to the airport following the fifth stage of the Aviva Women’s Tour. She has a flight out to Oslo four hours after the British stage race has ended. Emma’s been on the road for two straight weeks – and she’s very much looking forward to reuniting with her […]


A Case For Amnesty

I began working on a more positive post today but I couldn’t hold back with my opinion after reading about Levi Leipheimer getting sacked by Omega-Pharma Lotto, and Team Sky forcing all of their riders and management to sign a pledge swearing that they have never doped or they will be fired. Is that really […]


Work Life – Cycling Balance

I had a very refreshing conversation with a potential employer a short while ago.  Not long into the interview it was reveled that he’s a gung-ho triathlete.  We spent the next hour yammering on excitedly about out sporting passions and not a breath about work itself. This was something that was completely foreign to me […]