Aussies abroad: the antipodean adventurers of Team Raleigh-GAC

It’s becoming more popular for Australians to go and race domestically in the UK, with teams such as Rapha-Condor-JLT and Raleigh-GAC seemingly taking on a handful of Australian recruits every year. Jono Lovelock spoke with three such Aussies – Mark O’Brien, Lachlan Norris and Sam Witmitz – to find out about the allure of moving to […]


Brad McGee – Stealing that time back…

Last month Brad McGee wrote a profound article in The Sydney Morning Herald entitled “How dopers stole the best years of my career.” He was one of the few former pros from his era to speak out about the doping culture during his career and gave a good insight into what was going through his […]


Where Are They Now? – Aussie Young Guns

Right before our eyes we’re witnessing a new generation of Australian cyclists kicking some serious butt. Just yesterday Bobridge smashed the Individual Pursuit world record by nearly 4 seconds (barring Chris Boardman’s 4:11.11 in the superman position), and Rohan Dennis posted the second fastest time in history with 4:13.399 during his heat. This is an incredibly special time […]


David Kemp. No Contract?

At this time of the year the media is reporting all the rider transfers, team sponsors, new kit design, and the 2011 hype in general. What isn’t being reported are the stories of all the riders left in without a contract in late December. This is the other side of being a professional cyclist; the stress […]


Pro secrets, quirks and superstitions

Last week I wrote a post that listed a few of the subtle things that pros do that make them who and what they are. I thought it would be fun to take it a step further and dig deep into the psyche and quirks of the seasoned pro. Some of these are hard fact, some of […]


10 things that make the pros different

Every so often I get the privilege to tag along for a ride with the pros when they’re back here for the summer. The tolerate my bad jokes, they wait for me at the tops of the hills, and throw me a spare tube when I’ve punctured for the third time.


How Much Money Do PRO Cyclists Make?

A year ago I wrote a post about the basic structure of Professional Cycling. One of the questions often asked is “how much do Pro cyclists make?”.  Salaries in many other sports are openly discussed, but this topic is kept relatively quiet in pro cycling. While I’ve already scratched the surface of this topic in […]


Pre-September Transfer Rumours

Every year after the Tour de France the PRO team transfer talk fires up and speculation runs rampid.  UCI regulations forbid teams and riders to discuss transfers until September 1. Rule 2.15.125 states “Riders and UCI ProTeams may not, before 1 September, reveal that they are involved in negotiations about renewal of their contracts or […]


San Sebastián Classic

Yesterday was the 30th edition of the Clásica San Sebastián-San Sebastián. The route was slightly lengthened this year up to 234 Km to include decisive 7.8km Jaizkibel climb twice instead of once.  For the life of my I cannot fathom how these guys are able to back it up after just finishing the TdF and […]


Inside Out Is The New PRO!

Make no mistake. To ride in the ProTour you have to be good.  No just good – the best of the best.  At this elite level, every detail outside of riding your bike is taken care of for you and getting dressed is no exception.  So when a certain ProTour rider rocks up to the […]