How to beat the dreaded post race blues

Recently I completed the Falls Creek Peaks Challenge after a mammoth eight-month build-up. There was a lot of hard work that went into my preparation and I was completely elated after my race went better than I’d ever planned and I set a huge one hour personal best on my time. Full of adrenaline, pride […]


Boels-Dolmans’ recipe for success

The Boels-Dolmans team seems untouchable this season. They have won every event in the UCI Women’s WorldTour (WWT), and the series’ leader and world champion Lizzie Armitstead’s main competitor in the WWT rankings is her own teammate Chantal Blaak. While Wiggle High5’s Emma Johansson came close to taking a win away from Boels-Dolmans this past weekend, all other […]

How to sleep well after a hard training session

We received the following question for #AskALP on twitter: “@ellacyclingtips Pls help me sleep better after I ride in your #weeklywisdom column! What can I do to stop waking up in the night?” This is a good question. While a lot of us use exercise to improve our sleep, for many of us, after a hard training […]


Loren Rowney and Gracie Elvin’s #CrepeMonday inauguration

Since about 2012, I have had an ongoing battle with my friend and fellow “Dutchie” (Yes, I hold a Dutch passport), Lauren Kitchen, about the definition of a pancake. It’s basically become a crepe vs. pancake debate.  Lauren has a pancake Sunday tradition with the Dutch relatives she lives with in Holland. Me being a massive […]


Ella Eats: Loren Rowney’s favourite pre, during and post-ride recipes

The thing I most look forward to in the day is breakfast. I’m thinking about breakfast when I go to bed at night. I just live for it! My go-to breakfast at the moment is a concoction of super foods plus a few of my fave ingredients. I’m obsessed with peanut butter, so that always […]


What is the ideal cadence?

Riding a bike is different from other endurance sports. When we ride a bike, we have the ability to change gears and to choose a cadence to pedal with. However, one of the most confusing aspects of cycling is to understand what the ideal cadence is. Note: Higher cadences imply an easier gear, with less […]


How long should I wait before doing another hard workout?

Every week, Alison Powers and her fellow ALP Cycles coaches — Jennifer Sharp and Patricia Schwager —share their experience, stories and advice with Ella readers in a ‘Weekly Wisdom’ training tips column. Additionally, Alison is happy to respond to your training, riding or racing questions.  Got a question for Alison and her team? Simply post […]


Ella Eats: Carmen Small’s three favourite recovery recipes

A former US national time trial champion, UCI world champion bronze medalist and two-time team time trial world champion, Cervélo-Bigla’s Carmen Small knows a thing or two about the importance of recovering well. In addition to massages and rest, nutrition is key to rebuild your muscles. While Small’s prowess on the bike is well known, her second […]


When to get a massage

Long, hard hours in the saddle can leave your muscles knotted and your body aching. That’s why massages and post-ride rub downs are as integral to a professional cyclist’s routine as their training is. Massages flush the body from toxins, loosen tight spots, accelerate recovery and help prevent injury.  But most of us aren’t professional […]


The HoliDaze: let’s talk about holiday weight management

It’s that time of year again, the time where I have many athletes contact me and ask if they should try x.y.z diet trend to try to minimize gain weight over the holidays. For my southern-hemisphere athletes, they wonder about long rides on minimal fuel or going out training fasted as a means to mitigate […]