Ella Eats: Carmen Small’s three favourite recovery recipes

A former US national time trial champion, UCI world champion bronze medalist and two-time team time trial world champion, Cervélo-Bigla’s Carmen Small knows a thing or two about the importance of recovering well. In addition to massages and rest, nutrition is key to rebuild your muscles. While Small’s prowess on the bike is well known, her second […]


The HoliDaze: let’s talk about holiday weight management

It’s that time of year again, the time where I have many athletes contact me and ask if they should try x.y.z diet trend to try to minimize gain weight over the holidays. For my southern-hemisphere athletes, they wonder about long rides on minimal fuel or going out training fasted as a means to mitigate […]


Ask ALP: Why am I so sore two days after a big effort?

Every week, Alison Powers and her fellow ALP Cycles coaches — Jennifer Sharp and Patricia Schwager —share their experience, stories and advice with Ella readers in a ‘Weekly Wisdom’ training tips column. Additionally, once a month, Alison responds to your training, riding or racing questions.  Got a question for Alison and her team? Simply post […]


Can your period affect your performance?

Bloating, cramping, headaches and crankiness — most of us dread “that time of the month.” We don’t feel our best, and putting on tight lycra to go out and ride or race is perhaps the last thing you want to be doing. Others however credit their period and their “racing ovaries” for good performances, citing […]


Weekly Wisdom: The importance of recovery

How seriously are you taking recovery? Are you doing enough to recover from training and racing? A lot of athletes underestimate the need for and power of recovery. Step one: Cool down The first important thing to do is cooling down. After races: No matter how good or bad the race went, make sure you spin out […]


Sleep like an Olympian

Twenty-twelve was a bad year for American competitive cycling. It’s the year that Lance Armstrong received his lifetime ban and was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles. And in the midst of the controversy, his former teammates withdrew from the summer Olympics, placing the hopes for an Olympic cycling medal on the women. […]


Sleep Cycle

I have this annoying tendency of taking photos of mates on the way home from races We all know that Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is one of the hottest banned substances in professional sport.  The effects of HGH include  (from wikipedia): Decreased body fat, increased muscle mass, increased bone density, increased energy levels, improved skin […]


Tour Of Bright Tips – When To Get A Massage

I’ve written four different posts for today and in the end wasn’t happy with any of them.  At the last moment I decided this topic is the most relevant since the Tour of Bright is less than 4 days away.   Even if you’ve never heard of the Tour of Bright you can still get something […]


Cold Water Recovery

This is a pretty common scene if you live here in Melbourne.  A bunch of footie players huddling together the day after their game presumably forced by their old-school coaches to stand in freezing ocean water in the middle of winter.  It’s always said that soaking your legs in cold water helps them recover better.  […]


Chocolate Milk – The Perfect Sports Drink

Way back in the early days of 2008 when I started this blog I did a brief post on some guidelines on how much protein you should be having and when you should be ingesting it.  Since that post I’ve come across more research that backs up the assertion about drinking chocolate milk for a […]