Hydration: the different needs of women

Do you have a strategic drinking plan for training and competing, or do you just drink to thirst? What do you drink and how does that impact your performance? Hydration is a complex topic, with even more complex physiology. Plus, women and men differ in their hydration needs during prolonged exercise. In fact, women are […]


Why wearing shoe wedges or foot orthoses won’t increase your sprint power

This time last year Honours researcher and former National Road Series (NRS) rider Boon Kiak Yeo wrote an article for CyclingTips about a literary review he’d done on the effectiveness of foot orthoses, shoe wedges and shims. His conclusion at that time was that there wasn’t nearly enough evidence to suggest, as some cyclists do, […]


The Turbine: backed by science or a simple placebo?

After the stage 1 team time trial at this year’s Vuelta a Espana Chris Froome tweeted that he had just used the Turbine breathing aid for the first time, saying that it made a “noticeable difference” and that he’d definitely use it again. So what is the Turbine? What do the creators claim it can […]


Foot wedges and orthoses for cycling: do they make a difference?

For years cyclists of all levels have been using foot orthoses, shoe wedges and shims with the belief that such devices can increase their power output, correct biomechanical issues and generally improve cycling performance. But do they actually work? Honours researcher and former National Road Series (NRS) rider Boon Kiak Yeo recently published a paper […]


Xenon gas as a performance-enhancing drug: doping or just hot air?

Last month The Economist published an article suggesting that Russian athletes have been using xenon gas as a performance-enhancing substances for a decade or more. While the practice is not specifically banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) it does raise questions about what constitutes doping and what practices should and shouldn’t be allowed. CyclingTips […]


What effect does age really have on cycling performance?

Chris Horner turned heads earlier this month when, at 41 years old (Masters 3 here in Australia!), he became the oldest rider ever to win a Grand Tour. And just last night Horner released all 39 of his Biological Passport test results in an attempt to dispel speculation that he could only have won the […]


High-fat, low-carb diets: good for you and your cycling?

For decades the use of carbohydrate in a cyclist’s diet has been a given. We know from research findings that carbohydrate is necessary for improving both high intensity and endurance performance. But recently this theory has been challenged by a number of endurance athletes and researchers. In this first part of a two-part series, Joe […]