Reviewed: SKINS women’s DNAmic compression clothing

To get stronger on the bike, it is best to also spend some time training off the bike. Whether it’s yoga, weight lifting or core work, most of us (try to) adhere to some cross training programme. The industry is slowly catching on to the demand for non-cycling apparel for cyclists but in the meantime, there are plenty […]

Kimmage vs Verbruggen legal case set for July; “I have had three years of this…I am not amused at all”

Three months after saying he would be astonished if the Hein Verbruggen legal case against him continued in the wake of the CIRC report, Paul Kimmage has confirmed that the Dutchman is persisting in his efforts and that a hearing will be held in one month’s time in Switzerland. Kimmage recently received a summons to […]


Do Compression Garments Really Work?

I’ve been a fan of compression garments for a couple of years now. Whether or not they actually perform the function that’s declared has always been a lingering question in my mind. Are compression garments as effective as the Power Balance Band? Or will they really improve performance and accelerate muscle repair as claimed? I should state […]


Compression Garments For Cycling?

What cyclist wouldn’t be interested in improving recovery, increasing performance, and minimizing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)?   I pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars trying to increase my performance by fractions of a percentage.  Not to mention countless hours of training and various recovery techniques. Compression garments have been the new fad over the […]