How to become a faster sprinter

British track and road cyclists Danielle “Dani” King (Wiggle High5) is showing good form on the road this season. She kicked off her road season early with impressive results in Australia’s Santos Women’s Tour and Cadel Evan’s Great Ocean Road Race. She was always among the top contestants, especially in a sprint finish. King’s got […]


Getting low: Caleb Ewan explains his super-aero sprinting position

It’s still too early to tell whether Caleb Ewan will join the likes of Robbie McEwen and Mark Cavendish on the list of greatest-ever sprinters. But the 21-year-old certainly appears headed in the right direction, courtesy of a stellar neo-pro season and an equally impressive start to 2016. Ewan won two stages at the recent […]


Inside the bunch sprint

If you need to be convinced that bike-mounted cameras will make pro cycling more entertaining than it already is, check out this video. It’s the best illustration we’ve ever seen of just how hectic it gets inside the peloton in the dying stages of a bike race. Breathtaking stuff.


How To Sprint

Read more about training your sprint strength, technique, and tactics in these articles: Fine tuning your sprint Common sprinting mistakes The final corner Old Sprinter’s Trick – Drop The Wheel Anatomy of a leadout train

Fine-tuning your sprint with Ben Kersten

If you’re like me, you don’t do much training for your sprint. I always seem to think that I’ll manage to fluke a good sprint if I find myself needing it in a race situation. True sprinters practice and train their sprints well before unleashing them in the final 200m of a race. I was […]


Anatomy of the Leadout With Mark Renshaw

Mario Cipollini was the first to master the leadout train to win an enormous amount of sprint finishes. Giovanni Lombardi is often credited as being one of the best leadout men back in the day for sprinters such as Cipollini and Zabel. Before Cipollini there was Jean-Paul Van Poppel who had a good leadout train […]


The Final Corner

Aussie Ben Kirstin comes first at the US Crit Championships.  Photo courtesy of Velonews – Casey B. Gibson I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m not a good sprinter.  It’s one skill that I’ve always wanted more than anything and haven’t been able to acquire.  This basic fact makes me watch and […]


Theo Bos To Switch Sports?

You may not have seen this yet.  This is the crash that everybody’s been talking about in the final stage of the Presidential Tour of Turkey.   Fast forward to 3:41 and look at the bottom of the screen (watch in HQ).  Sure looks to me like Theo Bos intentionally man-handled Impey and threw him […]


Common Sprinting Mistakes

People who know me will think that this is some kind of a joke that I’m giving tips on sprinting.  Hincapie has a better chance at winning Paris-Roubaix than I do at winning a mass sprint.  However, I think that my pathetic sprint makes me even more qualified to be giving sprinting tips.  Why?  Just […]


Old Sprinter’s Trick – Drop The Wheel

The beauty of bike racing is that it’s chess on wheels.  The strongest person doesn’t always win because there are so many subtle tactics that can be employed to create opportunities and neutralize the threats.  Some tactics in cycling can be counter-intuitive.  Here’s a good example that Adam Murchie and Cam Lester gave me this […]