8 tips to wash your kit and keep it looking new

Kits are expensive, and you’ll want to make sure they last as well as look and smell good. But one of the most destructive things to the technical fabric used in cycling kits is improper laundering. You should always read the care instructions on your clothing but here are some basic washing tips to limit wear, […]


How To Pedal Like A Pro

There is a technique to pedalling efficiently and smoothly, but many people ride without giving it a second thought. In this video, GCN explains how to get the most out of your pedal stroke with a few simple tips from the pros.


High Speed Cornering Tips

photo by Veeral Patel Crowie has some invaluable tips stored away from his lifelong experience as a pro cyclist.  Most pro’s don’t know how to break down these skills and techniques to teach them properly to cyclists like you and me.  This is why I love listening to Crowie so much.   Here’s some great […]


The Trackstand

Whether it be on the track it self, the bunch in the morning, at the traffic lights commuting to work, or starting a mountain bike race, a track stand is one of those major skills in your quiver that everyone should learn. It helps your handling skills, by way of BALANCE. Simply taught, a track […]


More On Ankling

I just got back from a nice slow 120km morning ride and was paying close attention to my pedal stroke and in particular the ankling technique I was talking about yesterday.  I thought that since the topic is still fresh I may as well add a couple points to it. The ankling technique may feel […]


Efficiency Of Pedal Stroke – Ankling

For those of you who are wondering we had a spectacular roadtrip weekend at the Tour of Canberra.  All of us who all went along together had a great time and some excellent personal results were achieved. The weather was magnificent, no crashes, no mechanicals and some very difficult racing over lots of hills. My […]


Front Wheel Mayhem!

There’s a simple way to survive that daunting situation when you overlap wheels with the rider in front of you and his rear wheel is bumped:  Turn into the direction of contact. This means that if your front wheel bumps the rider’s rear wheel on your right side, turn your handlebar to the right.  This […]


Beginner Climbing Tips

Some people hate climbing, some people love it.  I used to hate it but have learned (and trained) to love it. Or some aspects of it anyway. There are a few different types of climbs: The short “power climbs “: These can be fairly steep (10-12%) and suit strong and heavy guys. The long and […]


How To Look PRO

For a while now I thought it would be fitting and humorous to write a column on all the intricate details that need to be taken care of in order to look "PRO".   Let me warn you, this isn’t a pick or choose kind of thing. It’s all or nothing. You either live by these […]


Tips on how to corner fast on a bike

Ahh…summer is finally here in Australia and the first of the Sunday crits signal the start of it! Crit season also means getting accustomed to some high paced, tight cornering again. Good cornering technique can save a LOT of energy and put you in the proper winning position in the final straight of a race. […]