Top five apps to improve your training

These days there are applications (‘apps’) for everything. Apps to style your boyfriend because he dresses like he’s stuck in the eighth grade, apps to find your soulmate, apps to translate your baby’s cries (yes, this exists), apps to face swap your face with your dog’s…what a time to be alive! The possibilities are endless. […]


How to become a faster sprinter

British track and road cyclists Danielle “Dani” King (Wiggle High5) is showing good form on the road this season. She kicked off her road season early with impressive results in Australia’s Santos Women’s Tour and Cadel Evan’s Great Ocean Road Race. She was always among the top contestants, especially in a sprint finish. King’s got […]


Life inside Wanda, the Orica-AIS camper

I always used to wonder what went on inside those big, shiny, team buses with the blackened out windows. Where the riders are tucked away from excited fans and the frosty bite of the spring wind or the scorching heat of the summer. My first experience in a pro men’s team bus was at my first […]


How to sleep well after a hard training session

We received the following question for #AskALP on twitter: “@ellacyclingtips Pls help me sleep better after I ride in your #weeklywisdom column! What can I do to stop waking up in the night?” This is a good question. While a lot of us use exercise to improve our sleep, for many of us, after a hard training […]


Tips and tricks for buying your first used bike

Between the rise in bike commuting, the hipster trend of riding vintage steel bikes and the re-use and recycle movement, there is a huge market for used bikes. Just take a gander at sites like Craigslist and eBay and you’ll find thousands upon thousands of bikes for sale. There are also second-hand bike and sporting […]


10 ways to make sure someone won’t ride with you ever again

For those of us who have fallen in love with cycling, there is nothing better than sharing the joy of riding with your friends and loved ones. However, chances are that not all your friends and loved ones are as avidly into cycling as you are. As such you have to be mindful of your […]


What is the ideal cadence?

Riding a bike is different from other endurance sports. When we ride a bike, we have the ability to change gears and to choose a cadence to pedal with. However, one of the most confusing aspects of cycling is to understand what the ideal cadence is. Note: Higher cadences imply an easier gear, with less […]


8 tips to wash your kit and keep it looking new

Kits are expensive, and you’ll want to make sure they last as well as look and smell good. But one of the most destructive things to the technical fabric used in cycling kits is improper laundering. You should always read the care instructions on your clothing but here are some basic washing tips to limit wear, […]


When to get a massage

Long, hard hours in the saddle can leave your muscles knotted and your body aching. That’s why massages and post-ride rub downs are as integral to a professional cyclist’s routine as their training is. Massages flush the body from toxins, loosen tight spots, accelerate recovery and help prevent injury.  But most of us aren’t professional […]


The best non-compliment compliments for cyclists

Christmas is meant to be about giving, or so I’ve been told. Overwhelmingly however, I think we tend to get caught up in the hype of writing our wish lists or talking about what we got from Santa (like that awesome new Garmin that measures your power, heart rate, cadence, and predicts the future!). I […]