Coaching in the off-season

In the northern hemisphere, the 2015 road racing season is coming to an end. A lot of racers start to think about the off-season and look forward to taking a break from training and taking time off the bike. Most do not want to think about racing or doing structured workouts. While taking a break […]

Digging into the Pain Cave – Part 1

Last month, Alison and I attended the TrainingPeaks Endurance Coaching Summit held at Colorado University in Boulder. The Summit brought together over 150 coaches, physiologists, psychologists, business and thought leaders based in the field of endurance sports. While there, I attended Carrie Cheadle’s The Psychology of Suffering lecture. The following are my observations from her […]


Stay in the comfort zone or strive to go further?

While coaching the USA Cycling Talent ID Mountain Bike Camp this past June, a young athlete asked me: “So, do I just need to lay it all out there and go faster on the downhills?” We were mountain biking and I thought to myself, “Yeah, pretty much. This is mountain biking, after all.” But I […]


Your training questions answered with Dig Deep Coaching: part eight

Dear Dig Deep, A time-trial training question. Is it better to start with longer intervals (i.e. 2 x 20min) and then progress to doing the ‘more but shorter’ 5 x 6 min. Or is it better to start with the 5 x 6 minutes, and then progress to doing the ‘less but longer’ 2 x […]

Getting in touch with the “why”

Do you know why you do what you do? Do you know why you like to ride your bike, do intervals, work where you work, and live where you live? Can you really get to the root of why? What if you could get in touch with the why’s? If you could work from the […]

What your coffee says about you

I don’t know about your riding group but mine is very diverse. We all ride different bikes, have our preferred brand of kit, and we all order a different style of coffee. No matter what your coffee choice is, everyone knows that cycling and coffee goes hand-in-hand. Many times I have scraped through on training […]


Ask ALP: I’m feeling a little burnt out. How do I stay motivated?

Every week, Alison Powers and her fellow ALP Cycles coaches — Jennifer Sharp and Patricia Schwager —share their experience, stories and advice with Ella readers in a ‘Weekly Wisdom’ training tips column. Additionally, once a month, Alison will respond to your training, riding or racing questions.  Got a question for Alison and her team? Simply […]


Will ride for coffee: tips on how to become a morning person

Apologies for the tardiness of this post, I pressed snooze a couple times too many. Early mornings and late nights, are catching up on me. Not many people are granted the luxury of pro hour riding. I, like many people who work 9-5, fit my riding in before work. That means an early start. Getting […]


Get your bike dirty…and take care of it

Keeping your bike clean is part of being a cyclist. Time spent taking care of your equipment will help prevent wear and tear and keep it functioning longer. You’ll spend less time in the shop and more time in the saddle! Routine maintenance should be something you do to your bike year-round, but the winter […]


Weekly Wisdom: Life Happens and Training Doesn’t Tickle

Australia is currently enjoying a break from road racing as it is winter, which means motivation to train can sometimes be hard to find. As a coach, racing season is actually the easiest to schedule: race, recovery, one harder workout earlier in the week, recovery, race, repeat. In the off season however, there aren’t as […]