Fast and furious: intensity is the key to health and fitness

One of my favorite websites, The Conversation has published a post on HIIT (high intensity interval training) which I thought many readers will find useful. This interests me in particular because I’ve always been taught about the importance of building an aerobic base before hitting the intensity. I’m not a sports scientist, but my experience […]


Starting From Scratch – Phase 2

Just over a month ago I began my journey back to fitness. I had a few months with next to no exercise, was feeling sluggish and overweight, and something needed to be done before it all slipped away from me. Reviving my aerobic base was the first order of importance. I was able to get […]


The Intensity Trap

We all know someone who thinks that if a ride doesn’t hurt, it’s a waste of time. He never goes for an easy ride and is always half-wheeling trying to push the pace. This person is always good in their training rides, but can never time their form when an important race approaches. This might […]


The Importance Of A Training Plan

Over the winter my training has completely fallen off. All I’ve been doing is riding, not training. I need to do this once in a while in order to relax and refresh, however I’ve been riding inconsistently, picked up some some bad habits, and haven’t achieved any decent results this winter. When I say “training”, I […]


PRO Training Secrets

Legend has it that Will Walker used to do 30 hill repeats up a popular difficult training road in Melbourne called Yarra St (off Kew Blvd). The thought of it alone makes my legs burn. Yesterday Will left an interesting comment that gave us some insight to some of his grueling training sessions. 


Amstel Climbing Intervals

images  by fotoreporter Sirotti Yesterday we saw the first of the Ardennes Classics, Amstel Gold.  These races are known for their hilly terrain that tend to suit a particular type of rider.  Guys like Cadel, Gerro, Gilbert etc tend to come to the front and shine in these races. Gerro said on Twitter the other […]


Happy New Year!

This past weekend brought the end to daylight savings here in Australia, while a few weeks earlier our friends in the Northern Hemisphere gained an hour of daylight. In either case this transition marks a new year in the mind of cyclists everywhere in the world. Luckily the shift in daylight and shorter days here […]


How To Make It To A-Grade

photo by Veeral Patel A couple weeks ago a reader asked a question that every aspiring bike racer wonders at some point:  “How do I make the leap to A-Grade?” Q: I’m currently a B grade rider (not placing but finishing with the bunch), and would like to be able to try and work my […]


Tour Of Bright Tips – How To Taper

Photo of Pat Fitzpatrick ascending Mt Hotham The Tour of Bright is one of Australia’s biggest weekend stage races.  Riders will be making the trip all the way from Brisbane to Adelaide to make this their roadtrip of the year!  What makes this race so special is that it involves some of Australia’s biggest climbs […]


Getting The Most Out Of Your Speedometer

A reader sent me a very good question a few weeks back that I’ve been looking forward to posting.  Luckily I tracked down an old pro very knowledgeable and experienced in this area to answer this question. I’ve spoken about Rob Crowe in many previous posts and I don’t think he needs any further introduction. […]