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It’s National Ride To Work Day here in Australia.  With over 100,000 participants expected, I’m sure there’s someone out there with good tips on how to get my dress clothes from home to work in a backpack without wrinkling them looking like they just came out of the washing machine.

I usually keep a pair of pants hanging up at work as well as a pair of shoes.  I’ve found a great brand of dress shirts that are “wrinkle free”.  Not entirely true, but they do hold up better than any others I’ve seen.  They’re called G2000.  Unfortunately they can only be found in Asia, so next time you’re in Bangkok, Beijing, KL, etc you should easily stumble across one of their stores.  I think any 55% cotton / 45% polyester shirt should do though.

The way that I attempt to keep my clothes from wrinkling is to neatly roll them – not fold them.   Lay the shirt face down, fold back the sleeves and then roll from the bottom up. Keeping a plastic dry cleaning bag on the clothes while rolling them also does wonders.  The compression in your bag is what causes the creases on your clothes.  The looser the things are in your bag, the better they’ll come out.

If you have any good commuting tips please leave them in the comments section under this post. I’d like to hear them!

Now get out there and kick some ass on the Wed morning World Championships!

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