All I Want For Christmas…

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Well it’s December 1st now and ’tis the season.  Cyclists are often accused of being a picky and a breed that’s difficult to shop for.  So true.  Here are the top 10 gift ideas under a couple hundred $$$ that you can be asking your partner for Christmas.

1. Bike Box/Bag. You’ve always wanted one but get no immediate gratification from it so you’ve always put it off. Now is your chance.

2. Pro Tool Kit. Because your tools are from Home Depot and aren’t made of carbon fiber.

3. Gear Bag. You can’t live without a cycling specific one.

4. Road To Roubaix. Can’t wait to see this one.  Buy it here.

5. Mini Pit Kit. Perfect for those road bikes that never want to see mud.

6. Carbon Hand Pump. An indulgence that we rarely buy for ourselves or always lose.

7.  Mad Alchemy Embrocation : The thicker you go, the more the PRO

8. Crank Bros Multi-Tool. Never have to phone your partner again to come and get you.

9. Campy Cork Screw. You’d never buy one of these for yourself.  Only justifiable as a gift.

10. fyxomatosis TeeComing soon …hopefully before Xmas.

(11)  Shewee – If I were a woman I’d definitely want one of these.

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