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A couple years back when a fellow cyclist in Melbourne got hit by a car there was this campaign to have an "ICE" number programmed into your mobile phone.  ICE means "In Case Of Emergency".  This is the number for emergency response workers to call from your mobile if you’ve been seriously injured in an accident.  The paramedic can look through your mobile phone address book, if it’s not locked with a password, and notify your nominated contact (spouse, parent, etc).

As usual, these campaigns die off until another tragedy occurs. I haven’t heard anything about ICE in a long while, but this may serve as a good reminder.  Paramedics are trained to look for this number if a mobile phone is found so you should definitely have one.

We never go out in the morning expecting we’ll get in an accident.  They just happen.   We all know someone who’s been hit by a car.  I’ve only been hit once by a car and it was horrifying.   I hope my ICE number never needs to be used, but it is there just in case.

Happy Friday  :-)

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