2009 New Years Resolutions For Your Cycling

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Some suggestions on goals you can set for your cycling in 2009.  Remember,  something like "get strong" is not a very tangible goal.  Make them SMART  (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound).   I know it sounds like one of those lame things your boss would tell you in your yearly review, but you’ll have a much better chance at attaining that goal if you make it "SMART".

– Start training with a power meter

– Build up to an important event with a periodized training plan – and stick to it!

– Stretch for 5 minutes a day after your ride

– Do pilates or some form of core strengthening twice a week

– Lose 5kg in the next 3 months

– Keep a food log

– Learn to maintain your own bike from head to toe.  Give it a shot.  It’s really not that difficult!

– Increase training mileage by 10% (no more per year!)

– Decrease training mileage to a more sensible amount!  You know who you are

– No more than 2 days off the bike

– Take 2 days off the bike!

– Keep a training log

– Get a coach

– Do more easy rides. Again, you know who you are!

– Do cross-training twice a week

– Drink 1 less cup of coffee per day

– Get out to the hills at least once a week to work on climbing and strength

– Do fewer bunch rides

– Work on your race resume to get a sponsor

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