What to do when it’s raining and you can’t ride your bike

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This picture makes me laugh for more than one reason – neither of them very obvious.  First of all, this is Ryan McKenzie being a clown leading a cheesy spin class. Ryan is an amazing athlete who missed Beijing Olympics by a hair (he is not a spin class instructor nor is it his life-long dream to be one). Second of all, the people Ryan is leading in the spin class are a room full of pro trackies at the Beijing World Cup last year (Bos, Hoy, etc).  There were massive problems with the bikes arriving on the airlines and the day before the events still no one had their bikes.  They needed to find a way to get their training in and the best option was going to a gym and doing a spin class.

The point here is that these guys are world class athletes and they found a way .  They didn’t sit around waiting for their precious bikes to arrive before they were able to spin their legs over – they went out looking for options and came up with a solution to get their training in.

The reason I bring this up is because it’s been miserable and rainy here in Melbourne for the most part of our "summer" so far.  You can either sit around waiting for the sun to shine or you can look at your options and find a way to get your training in.   You can put in a good cycling DVD and ride on the indoor trainer for a couple hrs.  You can go to some cheesy spin class at a gym.  Yes, you can even go out and ride in the rain!  Or even a run in the rain if it’s too horrible outside to ride.  Most of you reading this are fit and healthy – there’s always an option if you don’t want to miss your training ride. You just have to figure out which one best suits you.  You can bet that your competitors have found a way.

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