Christmas Riding Around The World

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If you came here for a cycling tip today, I’m sorry, but there’s not much of a tip in this post.    Since this site has grown to get many hits all around the world I thought that it would be mildly interesting and entertaining to talk a bit about what everyone is doing for their Christmas holiday riding.   Would be great to get your comments (in the comments link below this post) to see what kind of riding everyone is doing over Christmas.

Here in Australia I just got back from 100k’s with some of my best buddies.  Lots of people out on the popular Beach Road with Santa hats and the cafes  are packed.  It’s now 25 degrees and sunny.  Summer and Christmas are here!  I’ll never get used to this coming from Canada…

From what my family tells me back in the homeland it was -38C yesterday morning and is now up to a balmy -17C.  Now that sounds more like Christmas!  I’m guessing you guys aren’t even thinking of riding your bikes.  If you are, then it’s on the rollers while shaking up the living room watching a TdF mountain stage DVD.  As always though, a chinook could come blasting in and it could be 20 degrees tomorrow.  Have a bike on stand-by just in case.

In Singapore a good friend of mine tells me that it’s 30C and raining there so there’s no Christmas Eve group ride.   Bunch of softies.

In the UK, well…you don’t have much of a choice. Ride in bad weather or worse weather.   No wonder there are so many Pommies here in Aus.  ;-)

What are you doing for a ride this Christmas?  I want to hear your gloating, your whinging and everything in-between