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The true hardmen of cycling leave the leg warmers at home in 5C and lather up with embrocation to cover the legs.    This provides warmth for the legs and keeps the blood circulating and the muscles as supple as possible.   It doesn’t actually keep you warm – it just redirects blood flow to the areas where it is applied.    The shine-on created is known as "Belgian knee warmers " (which is also a great blog).  So PRO

Tip : I’ll never make this mistake twice, and I hope after you read this you’ll never make it once: Always put your embrocation on your legs LAST, after your knicks. If you put it on first, the smallest amount that gets on your knicks while pulling them up will get in the wrong place and…well you put 2 + 2 together.   It’s also great idea to use rubber gloves to apply so there’s no chance of getting the residue in your eyes when you inevitably rub them during a race.

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