It’s a matter of opinion but I’ll give you my recommendation on the best chain lube on the market for dry conditions (see this this post for extremely wet conditions ).   I’ve tried heaps of different chain lubes and I finally found one that works well and gives my chain that sparkling clean look. It’s called Rock "N" Roll Gold .

I usually apply it every 150km or so. It needs to be applied a little more regularly than your typical products as it is a wipe on wipe off lube that basically cleans your chain and leaves a thin film of lube inside the links. It keeps the chain silent, shifts smoothly and it really does stay clean throughout the ride.

The application instructions are as follows:

  • Put the chain on the big ring, in the front, and the small cog, on the back.
  • Apply the lube on the chain, over the top of the cog. Let a nice flow onto the chain (don’t be cheap), remember you’re cleaning and lubing at the same time.
  • Freewheel the chain backwards, and wipe off all of the dirt and grit that has come up to the surface. Remember, you can’t wipe off the chain too much, so make that chain shine.
  • Shift the chain off the big ring, so you can wipe off the chain ring, to clean up the little bit of residue left behind.
  • Remember, to wipe off you chain after riding regardless if you’re going to re-lube or not (BABYWIPES!). This keeps the chain clean and looking great. Remember a clean chain can save you 5 watts .