Training While Injured – Jono’s ERGO Sanity Tip

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I know a few people who have crashed pretty hard in the past couple months and have had to deal with nasty broken collarbones. Unfortunately last Tuesday Jono Lovelock was one of the casualties.  Like any top notch motivated athlete Jono has jumped back on the bike as quickly as possible to keep his form up.   Here’s what he’s doing to keep his sanity while it’s 30C and sunny outside and he’s bandaged up in a sling.

Jono :  I crashed at Sandown last week and cracked my frame and my collarbone.  Bikesportz are closed until the 5th of Jan, so no new bike :( And I’ve had to wait 7 days before surgery because all the good orthopedic surgeons are on holidays! But, you can still ride a cracked frame on the ergo!   No matter how the circumstances unfold, you can always fit in a mega Christmas day ERGO session!

The best thing I’ve found over the last week in order to keep some sanity on the ERGO is doing 4×10 min just above threshold intervals (360-370 for me) with 5 min rest in-between sets.   I find it near impossible to just chug away for 10 min. straight.  The classic 2x20min at threshold I just find so boring.

I’ve also been doing a lot of over and under stuff like 30 secs at 410-430 then 30secs at 300-310w for 10-15 minutes which comes out with and average power around 360w and normalised power of about 370w.

Other favourites have been 1 minute at 400 watts, 15 seconds recover and see how many I can get to.

Another good one is  20seconds at  500 watts then 10 seconds rest up to 5 min then 5 min rest then go again etc

Basically on the ERGO I do mostly micro interval stuff because it’s easier to maintain concentration instead of just sitting on 360 watts for 20 minutes and wanting to kill myself!  Breaking the workout into smaller chunks (i.e. interval training) makes it much more manageable mentally.

I can often pump out a 2 hour+ ergo by getting off and going for a walk or stretching every 30 min.

Next  tip is panadeine forte and its ability to numb the pain of an ergo session, it’s unbelievable!

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