Creaking Bike?

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A Cycling TIP submission from a mystery man named "The Hand" . I have a good feeling about this guy – I think we’ll see more great TIPS from him in the future.

"The Hand" does not want to be reconised

"The Hand" thinks what your doing is a good thing..

"The Hand" thinks Triathletes are not "real people"

Creaking Bike?  Check your wheels.. .

OK, so we all, at one point or another take out wheels off our bikes..

Could be to put your beloved stead onto roof racks or change to cork pads, what ever the case, Do your wheels back up tightly .. I’ve had a heap of mates with mysterious clicks or creaking noises spend hours trying to work out what it is. I’ve replaced my whole drivetrain looking for these sounds. Headset bearings? Cables moving? BB sounds. Nope… usually, it’s the quick release that hasn’t been done up tight enough. Sounds simple but more often than not this is the cause. I even know people that have had bike shops charge to have this fixed when it could be easily fixed yourself. When was the last time you checked your quick release?