The Biggest Loser Week 2

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Week 1 has now passed by with some impressive results.  The OPEN Strategy competitors have kicked ass this past week with a total loss of an astounding 13KGs! We’re smashing the field!  The RIDEWISER Strategy team is taking it slow and steady and has a total loss of 1.3Kg’s.  Tour Down Under fever must be gripping these competitors.

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Average STARTING Weight of Open Strategy Competitors : 81kg

Average WEEK 2 Weight of Open Strategy Competitors : 78.01kg  

DOWN 2.86 KG Ave!!!!


Name : Craig Johnson
Start Weight: 80.5kg
Start Body Fat: 16%

Week 2 Weight: 75kg  DOWN 5.5Kg!! !! Easy does it big fella!

Week 2 Confessions: Bloody chocolate. I cant help it… I’m addicted. Dinner party last night – I promised myself I could stop at one and they just kept looking at me, talking to me… ‘eat me, eat me…’


Name :  Russell Edgar

Start Weight: 73kg
Start Body Fat : 14%

Week 2 Weight: 75kg  NO CHANGE

Week 2 Confessions: none – Rusty is a saint. I’m sure the TdU will bring up a few. If not, we know he’s lying…


Name : Rob Croft
Start Weight : 86kg
Start Body Fat: 16%

Week 2 Weight: 82.9kg   DOWN 2.9KG!!! The methamphetamines must be working

Week 2 Confessions: All I can think about is Almond Chocolate Croissants ! You know the ones, at La Ront Cafe in Albert Park, the ones that become your best friend once you start eating them. The ones that taste like God (or Muhammad, Croissants are non denominational) made them himself. The cravings are pretty serious for sugary bakery items, but at this stage we are resisting, oh apart from the boiled lollie I just had (2 actually)


Name : Leigh Schilling
Start Weight: 89kg
Start Body Fat: 18%

Week 2 Weight: 85.1kg  DOWN 4.9KG! Someone loaded up before the weigh-inNice work Leigh! Let’s see how you keep it up

Week 2 Confessions: Pavlova is ok if you make it without the 1 cup of castor sugar it usually requires, but it is called an omelette. I had a bite of my daughters chocolate bar today


Name :  Cam Lester
Start Weight: 82kg
Start Body Fat : 18%

Week 2 Weight: 79.5kg  DOWN 2.5 KG! Good work Cam!

Week 2 Confessions: I had family christmas dinner on friday. With 2 chefs in a family that refers to cook books as Gastro-porn and free for all special occasion attack on the cellars best wines there was no holding back from the excess consumption that is generally expected on a proper christmas dinner. I backed this up with a weekend of bucks weekend festivities. Steak sandwich, chips and beer for lunch followed by more chips and beers followed by more fried food, beers and 400g steak.  Still lost weight for the week but feel crap today


Name :  Brad Davies
Start Weight: 75kg
Start Body Fat: 15%

Week 2 Weight: 74.5kg  DOWN 0.5KG! Now that’s a realistic loss for the week. I can’t see you losing much more Brad!  You’re skin, bones and legs!

Week 2 Confessions: Is Pavlova bad?


Name :  Wade Wallace
Start Weight : 81kg
Start Body Fat : 14%

Week 2 Weight: 83.5kg  UP 2.5KG! Umm…the Tour Down Under  did not help me get off to a good start

Week 2 Confessions: Okay, okay…I kinda fell off the wagon right off the bat. Not a good start.   Now that I’m back from the TdU I’m back in charge of my diet and training.



Average STARTING WEEK  Weight of Team Ridewiser Competitors 80.2kg

Average WEEK 2 Weight of Team Ridewiser Competitors : 79.74kg

DOWN 0.26 KG Ave!!!!


Name :  Rob Crowe (aka Crowie, Quadzilla)
Start Weight: 98kg
Start Body Fat : 20%

Week 2 Weight: 98kg  NO CHANGE Slow and steady, eh Crowie? Maybe we should weight in ounces?

Week 2 Confessions: It’s supposed to be ‘ONE ICED COFFEE ON SUNDAYS’ each week, and I’ve had 3 already before SUNDAY # 1. Right, so it’s an ICED COFFEE drought for the next 3 weeks then…. Damn it.


Name : Hayden Kerr
Start Weight: 80.5kg
Start Body Fat: 13%

Week 2 Weight: 79.5kg  DOWN 0.5KG! Great progress! Realistic in the long-term

Week 2 Confessions: A small piece of apple strudel yesterday afternoon, but went for a 60km ride after. So i think that is okay.


Name :  Jenny Macpherson
Start Weight : 72kg
Start Body Fat : 22%

Week 2 Weight: 72kg  NO CHANGE! What is this Ridewiser strategy all about?

Week 2 Confessions: My new training program was to start walking and running to/from work one day week (4.5kms each way).. It’s been nearly a year since I did this and now my feet are so blistered from my crappy runners… I’m off to buy some new ones!  Oh and I had 2nds of home made nectarine crumble last night at my friends house.. with icecream… doh!


Name :  Jeff Provan
Start Weight: 87.5kg
Start Body Fat: 19%

Week 2 Weight: 87.5kg  NO CHANGE! Ridewiser strategy, eh?

Week 2 Confessions: Jeff is MIA somewhere under a dark dingy bar in Adeliade (TdU).


Name :  Amy Hallihan
Start Weight: 62kg
Start Body Fat : 22%

Week 2 Weight: 61.7kg  0.3KG DOWN! This Ridewiser strategy must get off to a slow start

Week 2 Confessions: I’m amazed that I lost anything this last week, extended post bay crits partying lead to substantial consumption of alcohol, lack of sleep and icecream on the hot days – my favourite is caramelized fig and roasted almond from Fritz gelato, you really should try it. On top of that weigh in took place following a late Christmas lunch at my Mum’s place where I loaded up on plum pudding! The plan for this week is to be extra disciplined before heading to TDU on Friday, where I’m sure some more confessions will take place.