A Day Off The Bike

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I’ve kinda gone nuts with my cycling over the past month and have been falling behind on a few chores that needed to get done so I decided to take the day off the bike yesterday (well, my wife decided it). Unlike most self respecting middle aged blokes, I’m not exactly the handiest guy in the tool shed and therefore don’t frequent Bunnings or Home Depot all that often. However, one thing I needed to do was make a quick trip there to pick up a cheap BBQ cover. I tell you, I walked into this hardware superstore called Bunnings yesterday and my jaw dropped – everywhere I looked all I saw was BIKESHOP! Everywhere I turned there were things that I could make great use of to supplement my cycling addiction. So instead of spending $14.99 on a BBQ cover that I originally came for, I ended up $300 poorer after picking up a few odds and ends. Here’s what my shopping cart was filled with:

1. Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner – great for cleaning the bike and greasy bits.  Also great for cleaning the walls, light switches, cupboards, from all the grease and dirt I get all over them.

2. Simple Green Carpet Cleaner – my livingroom carpet is an absolute mess with grease stains from hauling the bike around the house.  This stuff always does the trick on those hardcore grease stains.

3. Stan’s Tire Sealant – if you mountain bike or want tubless tires on your road bike, you need this stuff.  More on this in an upcoming post…

4. Plumbers tape for sealing the valve stems underneath valve extenders

5 . A roll of those blue rags – for $15 you can have all the disposable rags you need for the year.

6. Tools, tools and more tools.  I got a great allen key set and a 15mm spanner for my track bike wheel nuts for next to nothing.

7. Electrical tape for handlebar tape ends. You can get some really funky designs these days.

8. I was looking for CO2 Cartriges for but couldn’t find any.  A trip to Walmart is in order. 

9. Rubber gloves – I always keep a set of these in my onboard toolkit. All sorts of uses

10. Liquid Plastic for dipping tools and cable ends into (www.plastidip.com )

11. Locktight for all those bolts and spoke nipples you don’t want loosening

12. Zip Ties for putting on those race numbers, storing cassettes, keeping cables tidy, and all sorts of other uses.

13 . An assortment of brushes and sponges for cleaning the bike

14. ArmorAll – if you’re ever selling a bike, bathe it in ArmorAll.  It’ll be slippery as hell bit it’ll sparkle like new.

…and on the wishlist:

15. Air compressor – great for blowing all the grit out of those hard to reach areas

16. Pressure washer

17. Stainless steel toolkit (the big one!)

After Bunnings I stopped off at Safeway to get some milk and ended up with a few other goodies:

1. Babywipes .  Oh I love my babywipes…

2. Scotch-Brite Pads for cleaning the breaking surface on my wheels.  It gets them spotless

4. Citro Clean as a chain degreaser

5. Wisk powdered laundry detergent for getting the stink out of some of those jerseys.  If you have any clothes that smell so bad you can’t get the odor out, soak them overnight in the washer with a scoop of Wisk

Ha!  There you go.  I managed to make my day of chores into a wonderful day of bike shopping!  ;-)