Hardcore Puncture Proof Tires

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Do you have a situation that requires a hardcore solution for durable and puncture proof tires?   Maybe you’re going on a bike trip to Afghanistan where a flat tire is the last thing you need?  Maybe you’re putting in mega base miles in the winter and rolling resistance doesn’t matter in the slightest?  Maybe you’re racing Paris Roubaix this season?

Get yourself an old tubular tire and put it on a regular rim inside of a cheap 25mm clincher tire just like it was a tube.  You might need to tear off the base fabric of the tubular (depending on the size of it).    It will feel heavy and dead when rolling, but you’ll be able to ride it from Earth to the Moon without a puncture.

If you’re not looking to go to that extreme but still need some big time protection, Schwalbe makes the "Durano Plus".  It’s a great puncture resistant training tire that has a 5mm wide and 1cm thick of "SmartGuard" between the tube and the road.

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