Harden The F Up – Kempy’s Tour Of Cali

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Australian PRO David Kemp and his team have been in "beautiful sunny" California for the past week acclimatizing and preparing for the Tour of California staring on Feb 15.  Kempy will be providing his Tour of California CYCLING TIPS from his inside the peloton view.  It’s amazing what you can learn from these guys.  Thanks David and good luck at the ToC!  Images from Velonews .

The Australian crew of Fly V-Australia Presented by Successful Living arrived in California on the 5th of feb. to prepare for the Tour of California.  Our first race was on the 7th, and it was called Boulevard, and it was at an altitude of 1500m.  Normally no worries… however us Aussies were in for rude shock…

Not many Aussies have seen snow, let alone started a race in it!  Thats right!  Racing in the snow and rain, some of you may wonder how???   Well lets start with the feet and work up.   I had thermal socks, shoes, over socks, booties, leg warmers, knicks, thermal undershirt, two jerseys,  thermal vest, arm warmers, rain jacket, racing cap, beanie, and helmet…. just about everything possible!

On the start line standing in the snow, i had a thought of what the #%@ am i doing?  The short answer – my job .  It’s days like these that you either love the sport or jump back in the car and turn the heater up full gas!   I always take the former rather than the latter.  I started the race and within 1km my whole body was frozen and my feet were drenched and for the next 4hours i didn’t feel them again.   My teammate Bernie attacked on in the first 20km just to keep warm.  I followed about 40km later and joined him up the front.  By this time he was seeing stars from working so hard.  I attack again just to keep warm.  I found that the longer i stayed in bunch, the colder i got….so I figured it was best to keep attacking!

Fly V-Australia won the race with Ben Day (the team leader) leading the way and this tactic served me well as I ended up third on the day.  I must say that is was a good slap in face to say harden the f*&# up!!!  I feel like this will help me when the big boys light it up in the tour of california!
I’ll let you all know how the tour of cali is going!

Cheers, and enjoy the summer!!!

David kemp