The Biggest Loser Week 4

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Week 3 has now passed and it was a HOT ONE!   The whole week was over 40 degrees C and I doubt a lot of training went on. Sitting infront of the air conditioning with a nice cool one was the temptation of the week.  Still, most of the competitors managed to lose a bit of weight by sticking to their guns and sweating out a kg or so.

The OPEN Strategy competitors are still leading with a total loss of 17.2KGs! BUT, the RIDEWISER Strategy team is taking it slow and steady and has a total loss of 6.3 Kg’s.   Note – there are 7 people on the Open Strategy team and only 5 on Team Ridewiser. This is the reason for the big difference in total weightloss. The average for the Open Team is 2.45kg and Team Ridewiser is 1.26kg.

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Weightloss TIP for Cyclists

First spend some quality time (3-4 weeks) getting your ‘healthy food habits’ routine happening.  Then drop volume generally across all meals in week 5.

It is a well renowned experience that the body will respond remarkably well to a healthy preparation period before mass reduction !  Couple this with a good dose of regular routine exercise and ‘BOB-THE-BROOMSTICK REALLY WILL BE YOUR UNCLE’.

Slow & Steady Wins the Race.